Laura’s Quilting Closet


My Quilting Closet is my very special sewing place. The moment we bought the house and I saw the three-foot wide double doors, I knew I wanted to make this space my Narnia. We gutted the closet, I picked my color scheme from a line of fabric, and I went to work painting the quilt squares on the back wall. My husband built me the desk and “reading nook”. He added the shelves, the storage under the seat, and the peg board to make the most of the tiny space. I spend hours at a time either sewing at the desk, or planning my next quilt from the reading nook. It’s not normally this neat, because it’s usually covered in quilt tops or fabric. I still have plans to add more accessories and pillows for reading nook, but when my husband bought me my Bernina this past Christmas, it made my sewing room complete! I’m in LOVE with my Quilting Closet!


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