My sewing space


I don’t have a separate sewing/quilting space. When my youngest son lived with us, my sewing room became his bedroom. So, I moved my main sewing table to the living room. Over time, I added the tool box to store my sewing/quilting/embroidery tools. My main requirement was that my embroidery module would fit into a drawer, which it does. Yes, it’s messy and crowded. I have to clear off the table for cutting fabric, and for quilting. I never reclaimed the room after my son moved out, and it’s now a guest room/play room for our granddaughters. (Apparently, I’m also a slob.)

4 comments on “My sewing space”

  • Slob? Bah! When you’re working on projects, etc we all get to that point. If you have a system that works for you and your able to create, then good for you! We are all different, what works for one, doesn’t work for another. Don’t apologize, it’s your space and your projects! 😀

    I have to echo, I LOVE the toolbox! This makes so much sense and would be great for organizing my rulers etc!

    Happy Sewing!

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