My Sewing Studio…aka The Quilt Room


Welcome to my Quilt Room,

My name is Michael and I have been quilting for almost ten years now.  When I moved into my newest house there was a media room in the basement that I quickly claimed for myself.  Over the last several years I have worked hard to get it setup into a functional quilting room.

So I’ve added several pictures.  Most of them are how I would like my quilt room to look at all times.  There are 2 that are the reality of what happens to a quilting room when the creative process is happening.  Let’s face it, our quilting rooms become a complete and total DISASTER area.  I tidy up my room after each project before starting a new one.  But my room looks messy more than it does tidy, I’m sure I’m the ONLY one this is true for right?  😀

I normally quilt with old Golden Girls or Designing Women episodes on a loop.  My critters are normally there to keep me company as well (I bet you were able to spot the dog bed under the sewing table right?)  I have several stations setup for my friends to come and visit and have a place to sew.  I’m currently addicted to making Lonestars, or various of a Lonestar.  It’s one of those patterns that I’ve always loved and thought I would NEVER make, but finally tried and got hooked.

My quilt room is a hodge podge of clearance or display tables, craiglist tables, furniture given to me and painted, and 4 bookcases from Walmart I screwed together and added some crown molding to.  (Pinterest it EVIL, and makes you do things you don’t have to. 😀  )

I think we can all agree that the hobby of quilting is more expensive than we ever though it would be when we started it, so getting creative with solutions for things allows me to save my money to put towards thread, fabric, etc.  So the ability to adapt, and make due is key.  I also have never made a project from my scraps, but I STILL keep them just in case, you never know when the mood might hit me….perhaps year 11 of my quilting journey?

So I in short, my names Michael, here’s my room, I hope you like it.



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