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I work full time as a Technology Director at a private school. I work a lot of hours! My space is where I create and forget all the techy stuff! It is my space where I relax and have fun! I don’t get to play in my room as often as I would like. And, I can only create when I’m IN THE MOOD! I’m sure many of you are like me in that way. I do love my space. Some times I just go into my craft room, sit and brainstorm. When my daughter left for college, I asked if I could take over her bedroom to make my own craft room. My space before had always been the closet or the “dog’s room”! Knowing how I love to craft/sew, and her being an artist herself, she totally agreed! Sewing new valances was my first project in my new space! (see pics in my gallery) I hung the valance with antique spools. I just love them and how bright them make my sewing/craft room. One of my projects was a t-shirt quilt for my daughter that is larger than king size, because I couldn’t eliminate any of her cute t-shirts! I also have a helper, a long-haired silver dapple dachshund named Snickers who loves to join me in my space or wherever I am! Shortly after I created my space, my friends encouraged me start a blog,! I share my ideas, projects, etc. that I create in my space. Sewing is my number one favorite! I inherited my talents from my aunt who sewed for a living! I hope you enjoy my gallery!

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