Part 3: Most fun 125th Anniversary Quilt Along with Metalic thread embroidery


I am still in January doing Part 3 of Quilt A Long.  I really enjoyed putting the finishing touches on the Metallic Embroidery Design from Part 2.  I was so comfortable putting on the corners and sashings on the blocks.  I keep marveling on a job I have done being only my second piecing project. The border side triangles with metallic thread were a challenge.  I did have to sit and keep the tightness out of the thread for all of the embroidery.  I loved being able to do two at a time in my Jumbo hoop and the templates and finishing directions were perfect. After I finished part 3, I had to show everyone the beautiful Border side triangles.  Again, blocks were easy to trim as my husband made a template to exact size I needed. This quilt-a-long has been so filled with information that I will use forever. I am not a great camera person and some of my transfers are out of order for each part.

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