Part 4: 125th Anniversary Quilt – Border Side Triangles with Embroidery


This has been my most challenging part ever.  I have been doing all of the projects parts in one month as my kit was one of the ones backordered.  (January)  I wanted to learn all the tips and techniques I could and doing the quilt-a-long was the way to learn. I did the embroidery using the template and instructions provided in my jumbo hoop.  The challenge was that my metallic thread was not cooperating, as in past parts.  It was on a spool type so I again rested a lot and held the thread out at an angle for each triangle so that my thread would not break.  Guess I got tired as two corner side triangles were accidently taken out of the hoop before the final optional embroidery with 101 thread.   I decided to have unique corner triangles on opposite corners. On the last paisley design, I ran out of thread.  My shop was out but they had a sample metallic thread that matched my color and so I went home to complete the embroidery. WOW, this spool had the thread coming off like cone thread or Isacord thread and I did not have to sit and hold the thread out to keep thread from breaking. This is such a beautiful side triangle. cant wait to put top together.   YT  

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