Part 5: Assembling 125th Anniversary Quilt top


I have done it, all 5 parts of the 125th Anniversary Quilt in one month.  It has been a challenge as there were so many new techniques and I did all of this with a fractured vertebrae in m”y back, but it was all worth it. Not sure if I got the pictures of each part in the right place as I did so much in such a short time. I laid my pieces out on the floor and was to thrilled.  I called my husband to come look at the great job I did. Well he said ” It looks good but there is something wrong with this picture”.  I had so many blocks in the wrong place so I had the opportunity to move blocks around.   My husband told me not to put together on sewing machine so that he could check out how I did.  Great, he said so I proceeded to sew all the parts together.  I had put the most center part in backwards so off to fix that.  Finally, all was perfect, per my husband. With the borders, I wanted the lines of the borders to be part of the angle of the triangles in the quilt, picture provided. I put the side borders on and was most really surprised to find that after I squared up my top, all sides were the same measurement.  I was sure that I would have 4 different measurements. Again, I could not figure out how to put the pictures in the order of piecing.

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