Pet Quilts for the Friends of Feral Felines, Maine


Thank you for encouraging me to sew some comforting pet quilts for one of our local animal welfare non-profits located in Portland, Maine:  Friends of Feral Felines.  This group is made up entirely of volunteers who work tirelessly for the protection of feral cats.  They trap, spay and neuter, then release barn cats that remain wild and are part of a community.  They also rescue kittens, domesticate them and find loving them homes.  That’s how I found my best buddy, Hector.  They also have a feeding program for colonies of feral cats, including the wharf cats along Portland’s working waterfront. I am happy to sew some quilts for this group that is so dear to my heart as part of your Sew to Serve project.  I will continue to support the Friends of Feral Felines and create some more!  😻

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