Presser Foot Mountain Giveaway


The irony of the universe.  Even while I was entering the contest for the gold presser foot and presser foot mountain  tower I was thinking:  “Good thing I really don’t want this because I know so many people are entered.”  So I was very surprised when notified I won and to expect the package to be shipped to me.  All the while I was feeling guilty because I could not imagine using it.  I share my sewing space with my husband’s office so the only place to put the tower would be on my sewing table where I am constantly aggravated by the need to shift things around in order to bind a quilt, or set up the embroidery module, or more commonly to get in and clean out the bobbin area.  It is hard to find a place to shift things to and this Swiss Mountain foot tower is just one more thing when I already had the feet safely out of the way in a foam case on the floor at my feet.   Too often my piles shift into an avalanche or the cat knocks them to the floor and all I need is to be trying to find all the presser feet when the tower gets knocked over.  

Well, I love it.  It is very sturdy with footing that does not shift easily.  It spins and even while spinning the feet are held firmly in place.   It is not as large as I imagined it.  Having the feet before my eyes inspires me to use them.  I bought more bobbin shelves for the plastic cabinet that came with the machine because I no longer need to use that cabinet for feet.  More space for bobbins solves another problem I  have had.  

Talk about a win – win !!!  Thank you, Bernina of America, and kudos to the people at Smarty Girl Designs.  The manufacturer had slapped a WARNING seal across the box to prepare me for supreme happiness inside—-and they were right.

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