Mug Rugs with the bernette 77


This year for Christmas, I am making my family and friends little patchwork mug rugs with my bernette 77. I picked up the machine to use as a travel machine, but I didn’t realize how much I would love it! The Dual Feed feature is fantastic and, with the patchwork foot, it makes sewing these mug rugs a breeze!

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    • Hi! I pieced the top of the mug rug together using three different fabrics and 12 2-inch squares. I cut four squares from each fabric.

      • Fabric 1: Blue circles with white lines and green background
      • Fabric 2: Light and darker blue triangles
      • Fabric 3: Green with white grid

      I lined them up in the following order:

      • Row One: Fabric 1, Fabric 2, Fabric 3,
      • Row Two: Fabric 3, Fabric 1, Fabric 2
      • Row Three: Fabric 2, Fabric 3, Fabric 1
      • Row 4: Fabric 1, Fabric 2, Fabric 3

      I then pieced the backing in a similar fashion, but I used 2.5-inch squares.

      I hope this helps!

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