Sew a Softie Global Kids Sewing Party

The Sew a Softie Global Kids Sewing Party is an annual event held every year in March. The aim of the Global Kids Sewing Party (GKSP) is to get kids to sew a softie which they then gift to someone in their community. The GKSP not only gets kids learning to sew, but it also empowers kids to see how their own personal civic engagement and creativity can make a positive difference in somebody’s life. All they have to do is sew a softie and gift it to someone in their school or wider community. This could be a friend, teacher, the local police station or even the cat shelter. The GKSP is a lovely way of showing kids THEY can make the world a more caring place. This year (2021), we have 1000’s of kids in over 30 counties joining in. For more info and to register go to:

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    1. Sorry. A softie is a stuffie/plushie/soft toy 🙂 We call them softies in Australia
      I should have chosen a better image!! I’m not sure if a can do that now…but thanks for bringing that to my attention!

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