Sewing for Science


My 7 year old son sat down with my B580 yesterday and created a stuffed mountain for a land form Science class project. He drew out his own pattern, traced it to fleece, cut with rotary (supervised & assisted), and used the great BERNINA Walking Foot to sew it all together.

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  • So glad to see youngsters at the sewing machine, especially boys!! I started sewing when I was 8 and people thought my Momma was crazy for letting and 8 year old use the sewing machine. The Singer Sewing Machine were critical of her when she wanted me to attend Singer Sewing School (summer camp) at the age of 10. Their age limit was 12 and said that I would never finish the project and would be a failure. I have pictures of that dress I completed and still have vivid memories of the positive experience it ended up to be!!! Congrats to both of you!! I am not turning 60 and still following in my Momma’s sewing footsteps!!

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