Jenelle Montilone

Creating has always been a part of Jenelle's life and has taken various forms including photography, pottery, sewing, and painting. It wasn't until after she had children of her own that she took a real interest in sewing. Armed with a pair of scissors, a pile of out-grown clothing, and the desire to make a positive difference in the world: these are the humble beginnings of what has now grown into a worldwide movement to change the way we consume and create.

An award-winning entrepreneur, Jenelle uses her craft to raise awareness about textile and clothing recycling and has established brand partnerships and local initiatives to divert more than 52 tons of clothing from our landfills. To learn more about Jenelle's commitment and join the movement to change the way we consume + create pick up her book The Upcycled T-shirt and Recycled Fabrics (Coming Soon) visit 

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