How to Make Gingerbread House Snow Globe Coasters

With the holidays approaching and cool temperatures already setting in, today’s project is sure to brighten your spirits while you enjoy a mug of hot cocoa. These fun and easy-to-make snow globe coasters make a perfect handmade gift for anyone on your list.

Materials Needed to create a Snow Globe Coaster

  • ¼”-thick gray felt for the coaster base
  • Felt in various thickness and colors for the appliques (I used brown, white, pink, green, and red)
  • Quilter’s Vinyl
  • White confetti
  • Coordinating thread
  • Iron-on rhinestones

To start, I cut out four circles from the ¼”-thick gray felt for the base of my snow globes, one for each coaster. I added a different color circle of thin felt to each one, then pieced together a simple gingerbread house and stitched all the pieces in place.  I took advantage of the decorative stitches available on my BERNINA 350 PE and used them to add details along the sides of the house.

Once all of my gingerbread house elements were sewn into place I covered the snow globe with a square of Quilters Vinyl just slightly bigger than the circle itself. Using a straight stitch I followed the outside of the globe leaving a 2″ opening at the bottom. Drop some white confetti through the opening.

To finish off my snow globe coasters I cut out a globe base (a.k.a. trapazoid).  I lapped the upper edge of the base over the lower edge of the snow globe and stitched it in place. This stitching will also close the opening. If you’re using thinner felt for your own snow globe, you may find you want to double the layers here to keep the coaster surface as even and stable as possible. For a thicker coaster, cut a piece of felt the same size and shape as your snow globe + base and glue it to the bottom of your coaster.

Your snow globe coasters can be further personalized using embroidery or iron-on rhinestones to detail your globe base.


8 thoughts on “How to Make Gingerbread House Snow Globe Coasters

    1. Thank you suquilt! I was curious about how the vinyl would hold up against hot beverages myself. Before choosing to use it I tested the vinyl out by setting a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee (in a ceramic mug) on top with no problem. Taking it a step further the we microwaved a hot cup of coffee for an additional 10 seconds and still had no melting issues with the vinyl. The great part is that they can wiped clean too!

      I’m linking to Quilter’s Vinyl because it’s the product I specifically used and I can attest to the quality. I don’t believe it to be much different than the clear 16 gauge vinyl available off the bolt. Another option- I’ve since made the a few additional repurposing plastic vinyl bedding bags- which have held up perfectly! Thanks for your question! -J

  1. I just finished mine. Turned out cute. It is 3 1/4″ across, which is fine for a glass, but small for a mug. I made it as an ornament for an exchange at my Modern Quilt group. Turned out so cute. I used blue for the background and red for the door. I also cut the background with the base added, made it easy to sew the base on. I found the white hexagon confetti at Hobby Lobby, in the Christmas section with the craft items for groups, also has red and green. I used regular heavy vinyl, which is fine for an ornament. Will test that vinyl before I make a coaster, which I will enlarge. Thanks Jenelle!

  2. I wish I could get this pattern, but the PDF attached above is not the same coaster. Is there anyway to get the correct PDF pattern so I could make some of these this year for Christmas?

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