Holiday Coasters

Christmas is around the corner and I have a little cute project for all of you. If you want to transform your Christmas dinner table in the cutest way possible, get the instructions below to create these adorable holiday coasters. I know that the majority of you have countless of fabric scraps and don’t know what to do with them. Well, this adorable project will teach you how to get the best use out of them so that they don’t go to waste!

Pat Bravo BERNINA 1

Materials to sew the Holiday Coasters

We are going to use fabric scraps; in my case I used scraps from projects using Heartland Fabrics.

  • Pat Bravo HRT-85300 Fabric A
  • Pat Bravo HRT-85303 Fabric B
  • Pat Bravo HRT-85308 Fabric C
  • Pat Bravo HRT-85307 Fabric D
  • Pat Bravo HRT-85301 Fabric E
  • Pure Elements PE-420 Fabric F
  • Pat Bravo ESS-II-154 Fabric G
  • Pat Bravo ESS-II-254 Fabric H
  • Par Bravo HRT-95309 Fabric I
  • 1/2 yard of batting
  • Universal needles, size 80/12
  • Your sewing machine and embroidery machine: I sew on a BERNINA 790
  • All-purpose presser foot (BERNINA Reverse Pattern Foot #1/1C/1D)
  • AURIFIL cotton thread #2311 and #4020
  • Erasable pen
  • Download the printable template for the Holiay Coasters Paper Pieced Pattern

Cutting Instructions

  • For the paper piecing, you will be using whatever fabric scraps that you have!
  • Cut 1 (one) 5 1/4” by 5 1/4” of Fabric D
  • Cut 1 (one) 5 1/4” by 5 1/4” of Fabric G
  • Cut 1 (one) 5 1/4” by 5 1/4” of Fabric H
  • Cut 10 (10) 6 1/4” by 6 1/4” of batting

Step 1- Paper Piecing

Paper piecing is going to be a bit easier due to my last project How To Make A Paper Pieced Mini where I explained the basics of the technique which is beyond fun! Print out one of the Christmas coasters templates and place Fabric D (right side facing up) on top of Section 2 of the paper piecing pattern. Always make sure that the pieces you are taking from your scraps are bigger than the square that you are going to be sewing. Next, place Fabric F on top of Fabric D. Then grab the template along with the fabrics and place it next to a light, (this is a simple little trick; that way you can see the transparency of the fabric and you can make sure to have a desire seam allowance (1/4”) or more), later on we can cut the extra.


Prep your sewing machine, in my case the BERNINA 790. Use the all-purpose presser foot (BERNINA Reverse Pattern Foot #1/1C/1D) and stitch #1. Make sure to use the Lower Multi-functional Knob and lower the stitch length to 1.75 because this will help us later on to tear off the paper piecing template of the fabric. Use AURIFIL cotton thread #2311.


If desired, pin the fabric in place and straight stitch on the line between number 1 and 2 pictured below.


Press seams open as pictured below.


Take another piece of Fabric F and place (wrong side up) it on top of Fabric D as pictured below. You can use the little light trick that I taught you before to make sure you are having the right or more seam allowance. I have indicated in the photo below with the solid line where we will be stitching—make sure you have enough fabric on the other side of the line to create a 1/4″ seam allowance.


Now we take it to the machine and straight stitch on the line between number 1 and 3 pictured below.


Once the last step is completed, we take our piece to our cutting table and fold back the template (that way we don’t cut it), and with a clear ruler we measure the desired seam allowance (1/4”) and the cut off the extra fabric.


Following the same procedure as before, now we take a piece of Fabric C, always making sure it covers the part of the paper piece that we want to cover, in this case part 4. Place it as shown below, wrong side facing up.


Straight stitch on the line between 4 and the section already sewn as pictured below.


Again, repeat the same technique of cutting the seam allowance. Always remember to fold your paper pieced template to prevent from cutting into it.


Press seams.


It may get a little tricky now, but do not fear, I will explain you each further steps. Place Fabric I (wrong side up) a little bit diagonally to Fabric C as shown below. Do the light trick to make sure you are in the right track regarding seam allowance. Fabric I will cover Part 5 of your template, so make sure than when you fold the fabric to the right side, Part 5 is fully covered.


Take it to your machine and straight stitch the diagonal line between number 4 and 5 as pictured below.


Cut seam allowance.


And press seams.


Place Fabric A, wrong side facing up, and making sure your fabric scrap is going to cover Part 6


Straight stitch between on the line between number 5 and 6 as pictured below.


Cut seam allowance, don’t forget to fold your template! Next, press with your iron as I instructed before.


Now that you are all refreshed in Paper Piecing, you just need to add Parts 7 and 8 with Fabric D. Don’t forget to the little light trick I taught you, and straight stitch


When cutting the seam allowance, don’t forget to fold your template, and press seams open. Repeat this same step with Part 8.


You will have a top piece looking as cute as this one!


Step 2- Quilting

With an erasable pen, draw diagonal lines at 1/4” separating between each line, just as pictured below. I used two layers of batting for extra quilting richness, so grab 2 (two) 6 1/4” by 61/4” pieces of batting.


Prep your machine by changing your thread to AURIFIL cotton thread #4020. Also change the Lower Multi-functional Knob back to 2.5.


Take your piece to your sewing machine and start quilting!


Step 3- Backing

Now take your 5 1/4” by 5 1/4” piece of Fabric D and place it, wrong side up, on top of your already quilted piece. You will sew around the coaster at 1/4″ seam allowance leaving only the bottom part open.


In your sewing machine, you will move the needle to the right to #3 using the Needle left/right button.


Place the coaster to the edge of your presser feet and start sewing.


Once that’s complete you will have a piece looking like the one below. Cut the corners and fold the piece over. Now it is time to close the coaster by folding 1/4” of fabric under the piece and  blind stitch. If it is easier for you, you can top stitch.


Stitch around the triangle of the paper pieced Christmas tree to add stability with the backing fabric.


And voilà! You have completed this adorable Paper Piece Holiday Coaster! There are 4 more templates for you to use and create a wonderful and beautifully decorated Christmas dinner table!

Pat Bravo BERNINA 3A


2016 Holiday Countdown - 3 days until Christmas Day

Our December 22 Gift for You

Today is the day of the big giveaway! One WeAllSew reader will have the chance to win the BERNINA Simply Red sewing machine.

B 215 Swiss Red sewing machine

Pat Bravo’s December 22 Gift for You

Today’s gift is an adorable fat quarter bundle of Heartland Fabrics.


All you have to do is post a comment below answering the following question for a chance to win the BERNINA Simply Red sewing machine AND the Heartlands fabrics fat quarter bundle:

Do you have a favorite fabric designer?

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Good luck!

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427 thoughts on “Holiday Coasters

    1. To be honest I can’t afford to have rich taste in most things , I choose to find comfort and joy in whatever is available to.
      But on the other hand we all are free to dream ( and to drool ? ) so right now whatever I have in my stash would feel great if I won this machine…

      1. I’ve been a Bernina owner since 1976! Would live the Red b215 to give my b560 a little sister! Perfect for classes and workshops. Or when the older sister is embroidering I coukdr keep busy sewing on the little one.

    2. I think Edita Sitar is my favorite fabric designer. I would love to win the Simply Red machine for my grandson’s wife who is just learning to sew. She love to design clothes & is interested in learning to quilt. She has a gift for design. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Merry Christmas.

  1. I guess I don’t follow specific fabric designer, but follow specific lines of fabric. I love Moda, Timeless Treasures. I have always loved Debbie Mumm, though! She’s a classic and designs fun prints. But in terms of fabric lines, I choose a fabric I like, look at the end of the bolt, and usually see it’s made by one of my faves. Amazing how that works! They have a look that suits me perfectly.

  2. There are too many fantastic designers out there! How can you have one favorite? Pat Bravo, Maureen Cracknell, Amy Sinibaldi, Cory Yoder to name a few are my favs.

  3. I don’t have a favorite designer. If I see a collection I particularly like, I will buy a FQ pack of the entire collection, else I might buy selective yard cuts of fabric that appeals to me. I might add that I am old and my stash is fairly extensive so that might influence what and how much I will buy.

  4. What a wonderful prize! I would love to win this one!!
    I follow these designers: Kaffe Fassett for color richness, Amanda Herring (who designs for Riley Blake) for sweet patterns with many eye-catching coordinates, and Liberty of London for delicate and vintage voile/lawn designs.

  5. I love the different styles that Timeless Treasures comes out with.
    It would be SO COOL to WIN this! Today is my BIRTHDAY!
    Hope your day will be as special as mine. 😉

  6. It’s too hard to pick a favorite designer so i’ll chose a favorite manufacturer…Art Gallery Fabrics. It adore the hand of their quilting cottons and the knits are lovely.

  7. I don’t have a favorite designer, I have several I love. Depends on recipient of the project or my mood. LOVE Daiwabo taupes, kona solids – so many colors, lots of the “modern” prints and for childrens projects I love a lot in Michael Miller.

  8. My favorite fabric designer is Amy Butler. I decorated our 2 guest bedrooms using her Soul Blossoms Home Dec fabrics and my grandchildren LOVE it!

    After using high quality fabrics, I can’t go back to the cheep stuff. Now, if I could just afford a Bernina. Would love to win this little red one.

  9. Lately, I have been loving the saturated colors of Alison Glass. But Art Gallery Fabrics are the highest quality in all the land. Thank you for the chance!

  10. I seem to end up with quite a lot of Robert Kaufman each year. This year it is Pat Sloan’s Home Town Girl line. It is hard to pick just one though, isn’t it?

  11. I really like Hoffman fabrics and have entered several of his annual quilting contests. It’s a great way to challenge myself by using his fabric in a completed quilt & getting it finished in just a few months!

  12. One of my favorite designers is Tula Pink! She is truly an artist and I am always excited to see what she creates next! I have many other favorites as well…good stuff being created by so many talented people and I’m so thankful I get to be inspired by them!

  13. I don’t have a particular favorite fabric designer. I do like Kaffe Fassett, Amanda Murphy, Pat Sloan, Jenny Beyer, Edyta Sitar, and others. There are so many incredible designers. They make shopping for and sewing fabric more fun.

  14. I do not really have a favorite fabric designer. I do love anything batiks so maybe Hoffman.
    I loved this tutorial. Lots of great instruction and photos. Thank you so much.

  15. My ‘designer’ fabrics come from my mom’s extensive scrap collection! I travel down memory lane, opening up boxes and boxes of material from projects of times gone by!

  16. My favorite designer changes depending on what I’m looking for, and the colors in their latest collection. I do consistently love Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler, although I don’t often use their fabrics. They’re hard to see in person where I live. I also like Cotton+Steel.

  17. Miriam Bos and a new collection called “Wildland.” It features a Native American girl, Bipi, interacting with wild ponies and woodland creatures in gorgeous colors. Great for sparking young imaginations!

  18. I love all fabric. It would be hard to pick a favorite designer since there are many wonderful ones. But no matter which fabric I am sewing my favorite machine is a Bernina.

    Love the coasters and also the fabric!

  19. There are too many of my favorites to list, but my latest go-to designer that I love is Carolyn Friedlander. I love her universal designs (good for male, female, young and old) as well as her fabulous choice of color. She’s got neutrals as well as fabrics that offer a pop of color. I can also embroider on her prints which add a unique touch to using her fabric. AND, her designs are on Essex linen. What more could you ask for?! Maybe a new Bernina to sew her fabrics into fabulous creations?

  20. No I will not be traveling during the holidays this year, but our family will be getting together in March and will celebrate all birthdays and holidays at that time. When family is together it is a holiday

  21. I don’t really have a favorite designer. There are so many gorgeous fabric collections that comes out often that it’s hard to narrow down to just a certain designer.

  22. My little niece loves Michael Miller prints, especially the the fairy folk and wee folk designs and co-ordinates. Because she loves them, I love them because I like to make clothes and accessories that make her happy.

  23. I love all fabrics. I have a room full of boxes, shelves, and cabinets stacked with fabric. I like bright colors so that is why Amanda Murphy is one of my favorite fabric designers.

  24. Picking just one designer or fabric line would be like choosing just one type of cookie, not possible. But I can pick just one sewing machine for life, Bernina! Now I am teaching my grandchildren to be Bernina lovers too!

  25. i have favorites for different types of quilting projects.. i love Jacobs & Fassett for bold and feminine colors for a block pattern where there is plenty of space to appreciate the print. Zen Chic, Kona solids, Allison Glass, Kate Spain for more modern patterns. So many great designers is what i love about shopping for fabric. Right now i am loving the look of Amanda Murphys Nordic Holiday fabric, so beautiful i cant wait for the new year!

  26. There is so much fabulous fabric out there, such a wonderful time to be a sewer/quilter. My absolute favorite fabrics are Moda and my favorite designers would be Laundry Basket Quilts, Fig Tree and Bonnie and Camille.

  27. I don’t currently have a favorite fabric designer. I just started sewing again about a month ago after not sewing for nearly 16 years. I am so excited to get going again and am just starting to build a stash.

  28. Favorite designer? I would have to write several down. Love of fabric and color. Hoffman, Michael Miller,Kaffe.I think one of my favorite fabrics is Grundge by Moda. It is so veratile. Good luck everyone and Merry Chirstmas. Thanks to WeAllSew

  29. What a sweet project! I don’t know if I have been sewing longing enough to have a favorite fabric designer but I do enjoy Jennifer Jangles fabric when I need something bright and bold : ) Thanks for the chance to play!

  30. Favorite at the moment is Vanessa Vargas Wilson, the Crafty Gemini, her Dominicana collection for Timeless Treasures fabrics. To be fair I must mention Janet Wecker Frisch, as I’ve made up quite a few projects with her delightful fabric designs. So, the fabric I am using at the moment is my
    favorite. So many talented designers, it’s the best time to be sewing!

  31. Tula Pink designed the fabric for the quilt I recently completed…I really enjoyed working with her fabrics; but, to say she is my favorite designer would be an injustice since each project I work on changes what I am looking for from the fabric design.

  32. I do not have a favorite fabric designer, I let the fabric call me over 🙂 However more than once I’ve been called over by the fabric by Kaffe Fassett!

  33. I love Riley Blake, Moda and Kauffman fabrics. Cotton and Steel makes absolutely beautiful fabrics also. I guess if I had to just pick one I would choose Cotton and Steel. I love fabric! ??

  34. It’s been Peggy Toole for Robert Kaufman, but I’m always open to new designers. Some of the things that Tula Pink has been doing lately are very fun!!

  35. I love Cotton & Steel’s fun prints and collaborations! They always have just the fabric I am visioning for a pattern! I would absolutely love to win this giveaway!!

  36. Darling ornaments! There are so many wonderful designers how can anyone pick just one. My favorite is a tie between Lori Holt and Jo Morton.

    Thanks for a chance to win,

  37. I don’t have a specific designer in mind – there are so many talented people out there! It usually depends on my mood and the specific project I’m working on

  38. I have two favorites! I love the Patrick Lose collections. They are bright and beautiful and I’ve used them in anything from table runners to quilts. I also love the Kaffe Fassett collections. Just beautiful colors and blends. Since learning to sew on an old treadle machine with “feed sacks” my bubba(grandma) used to repurpose, I have learned to appreciate the beauty, and sometimes simplicity of all fabric designers!!! Merry Christmas. Happy Hannukah.

  39. I do not follow a particular designer but I am especially interested in the American Made fabrics. It is exciting to know we have textiles being made in the States.

  40. My favorite favorite designers are Me & My Sister by Moda their color palette and playful designs just make me smile and happy no matter what the project is. Bright and bold is always in style in my book!

  41. I have a lot of favorite designs; Joel Dewberry, Heather Ross, Sarah Jane, Tanya Whelan, kaffee Fassett oh lord too many to name. Thank you for the opportunity to win a Bernina if I win tomorrow on my birthday I will be the happiest woman on the planet!

  42. I would have to say my absolute favorite designer is Alison Glass. The colors she chooses make my heart sing! I would so love to win this machine! My special stitch machine doesn’t work well. This red beauty would get used daily!

  43. What’s not to love about most fabric designers? Some of my favorites are Henry Glass, Benartex, Heartlands and Cotton & Steel. This would be a wonderful prize to win today. I have just the person in mind that wants to start sewing. What better way to help them get started than to share the Bernina machine from today! Merry Christmas to all!

  44. Can not pick just one designer! Just love fabrics, especially batiks and my Mother’s stash which is slowly being lovingly used for family projects. Thanks so much for these amazing giveaways!

  45. Lovely giveaway!!
    There are so many top notch designers out there. Tasha Noel, Lori Holt, Jennifer Chiaverini and Tula Pink are some of my favorites.

  46. I sew a wide variety of projects, so my favorite fabric designer is the one I am working with whose fabric best matches the project I am making. Each designer brings such wonderful variety of pattern and colors to my sewing room I simply love them all !

  47. My favorite fabric designer it the one who designed the fabric I am holding at each moment as I sew. I find so many that I love! Now to go hold some of those favorites as I make some coasters…

  48. Right now my favorite designer is Elizabeth Hartman for Robert Kaufman. Waiting for her to release her line of Essex Yarn Dyed Linen. Thank you for another paper pieced project. I am saving all of them for next year teacher’s gifts. We have long winters here in NH and maybe I can get a head start on next year. I love my Bernina so much that I purchased one for my daughter. When I teach sewing to the little 4-Hs they all head for the Bernina’s. Thank you for the opportunity to comment and enter your drawing. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Peaceful New Year to all of the staff.

  49. Wow, there are so many great fabrics it is hard to pick one. However, I was just online checking out some beautiful colorful fabrics by Amy Butler that I loved.

  50. I love vibrant colors and I seem to be drawn to designers like K. Fasett, Chong Hwang, Michelle D’Amore, (forgive my spelling) etc. I also like the whimsical drawings of Michael Miller and the like. Thank you for the great coaster idea.

  51. Too much fabric?? That is impossible. I’m always missing a critical color or an inch or two of the fabric I have used for my background. Besides, it is fun to pet fabric and each has its own unique feel. We are so blessed to have so many beautiful choices.

  52. While I I don’t have one designer I always use. I tend to buy bulk plain fabric but when I need a pattern I just discovered Wildflowers by Josi Severson; I really enjoy her fabric because it’s all produced in the USA and has some great prints for fashion.

  53. I enjoy many different fabrics and lines…however..I lean towards batiks and kaffe fassett…I weave as well as sew and love color..patterns…and any fabric that screams…USE ME!

  54. I choose fabric based on what I like, not by the designer. I Like Kaufman, Kaffe Fassett, Tula Pink, Ridley Blake, et al. I am trying to use up my stash, but always seems to be missing the border , the binding, or the sashing, so I buy more!

  55. I’m very fond of iconic William Morris patterns and love the fabric interpretations being done, such as those being from Barbara Brackman/Moda and designer Sarah Walden of Peacoquette Designs. Thanks!

  56. I have been quilting lots since about 1984. I love the feel of Moda. I like Hoffmann, Amy Butler…mostly more modern look fabrics. I would love a new Bernina. Mine is about 25 years old.

  57. I don’t think I could ever choose one favorite designer, though I count Tula Pink, Alison Glass, and the ladies of Cotton & Steel among the many that I love! It is such a rich time for those who sew!

  58. I recognized Pat Bravo’s name and fabric immediately! I also love the designers at Cotton and Steel. IG is my favorite place to browse new collections.

  59. I admire all the designers for their ability to produce so many beautiful fabrics. I am not blessed wth that talent and they make my fabric shopping a real pleasure as I “pet” the fabrics while making my choices.

  60. I prefer the look of “country” style prints/colors. Don’t really have a faborite designer but rather choose what looks
    good with what I am doing at the time.

  61. I love Moda’s Bonnie and Camille fabric collect! The combination of bright colors and fun, pretty prints are so adorable! But then again I love all quilting fabric! Love your site too! I am so glad I found you tonight! FYI my favorit color is Bernina Red!

  62. I am in love with French General by Moda! I can’t buy enough of it, so gorgeous and timeless! I need a new sewing machine. I have the Bernina 830 electronic sewing machine that I bought in 1980! Still runs great!

  63. Robert Kaufman is my favorite for the fine Japanese prints. I do Japanese art quilts and never disappointed in the array of fabrics. I’m also partial to the Stonehenge fabrics from Northcott for my Native American art quilts.
    I came to quilting later in life than most probably did, so have much lost time to make up for…LOL….

  64. I like different designers depending upon my projects. I like Pat Sloan for a bright colors, Jen Kingwell for her fun fabrics and Kaffe Fassett for his wild patterns and colors.

  65. Robert Kaufman and Susan Winget are two of my favorite fabric designers. However, it is hard to choose just one or two since there are so many talented designers at the different vendors. As each season passes, they wow me with their creativity with fabric that says, take me home with you! Merry Christmas to all!

  66. I don’t know which is cuter….that fabric bundle or that super cute Simply Red Bernina.
    It would be fabulous to win either one. Thank you for the chance to win both!! 🙂
    I love these Heartland Fabrics by Pat Bravo!
    My current fave designer is Cori Dantini. And, for AGF I love the fabrics by Mathew Boudreaux.

  67. So hard to choose. When I think of “designer” I do think of many of Art Gallery Fabric’s artists and their watercolor or sketchy floral designs. So I will pick Pat Bravo.

  68. 3 Sisters has become a great favorite, although I enjoy so many others, too. Tula Pink always has such fun fabrics. I had a chance to meet her in Walla Walla, WA. a few years ago when she put on a class during the day and then a presentation about designing in the evening.

  69. Thank you for the cute tutorial. As for fabrics, I have had a wonderful opportunity to see so many different styles of fabrics, therefore, as much as I love Kauffman and others, I have also enjoyed designers from other countries. My true joy is to see the vivid colour and motif play that so many talented designers bring to the table. To marry quilt designs with colour and motif, has brought me much joy in my quilting. Thank you.

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