Holiday Countdown 2016

It’s the season of giving, and we can’t think of a better time to to say “Thank you!” to our loyal WeAllSew readers for having sewn along with us all year long. Join us as we kick-off our Holiday Countdown today at WeAllSew! As part of our Holiday Countdown, we’ll be featuring all kinds of inspirational Holiday project tutorials (from home dec to festive wardrobe items, gift ideas and helpful sewing tips) each day through December 25. And the very best part is each and every post includes a fun give-away for one lucky reader!

2016 Holiday Countdown

Our gifts to you will include autographed books by sewlebrities and quilters, colorful fabrics by coveted fabric designers, sewing notions, free embroidery and appliqué design downloads, embroidery design collection CD’s, fun BERNINA swag and even one BERNINA 215 Simply Red sewing machine. B 215 Swiss Red sewing machineYou’ll definitely want to check back with us here on WeAllSew often to find out which prize will be offered each and every day!

Our December 1 Gift for You

A BERNINA Weekender bag waiting to be filled with sewing projects when sewing with a friend, or just for toting your stuff to the gym.

BERNINA Weekender Bag

All you have to do is post a comment below answering the following question:

Are you traveling for the holidays?

One lucky winner will be selected at random on December 2, 2016 and announced next week. Good luck! The contest is open for comments until December 1 at 12:00 midnight Central Time.

Sweepstakes Rules: Open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. Only one comment per fan please. Comment must be submitted to the blog by the date and time mentioned in the giveaway blog post. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be announced about one week after contest ends, and will have 48 hours to respond in order to claim the prize.

Congratulations to our WeAllSew reader “tomye”, the winner of the December 1 gift. Enjoy!

308 thoughts on “Holiday Countdown 2016

    1. I am traveling about 40 miles to see all the grandchildren. Also trying to make a Christmas apron for the 6 year old grandaughter because she has out grown the first apron I made for her. I have enough scraps to make her one that will match her Mother’s apron and baby sister’s apron(the one she can no longer wear).

    2. The Bernina 215 is perfect for my step-daughter who just relocated and is a full-time grad student in an apartment. Perfect for everything from those essential home dec projects in a new place to quick repairs. Excellent and essential! Plus it is her favorite color!!

    3. Traveling to our daughter’s where we will be with our teenage granddaughter as she sews on the Bernina 1008 that we gave her. She has won 4 first place awards in the Texas German student contests with her dress-a-doll outfits and her pictorial quilted wall hangings—all made on the 1008.

  1. We will be staying home for Christmas this year, since I just moved back to my home town. Now all 5 sisters are together and we will enjoy cooking, laughing, eating and sewing!

  2. What a beautiful bag. My plans for traveling this holiday season involve a trip to my sewing room — for what will hopefully be a long, enjoyable and productive journey!! The rest of the time…family!!

  3. We are staying home for Christmas and celebrating with son, daughter-in-law, grandson and friends. We are leaving the day after Christmas for sunny California to visit with extended family. The best of both worlds.

  4. After retiring and returning home to California, I no longer have to travel over the holidays to visit family. I’m so blessed they are all right here now!

    That lovely Bernina red bag would be a lovely accompaniment on quilting retreats! I can imagine it filled with all kinds of quilting goodies for a sewing filled weekend.

    I hope I’m the lucky winner!!

  5. No, we are not expecting to travel over the holidays, but one never knows, when families live so far apart. Merry Christmas to you and your staff and for sharing so many wonderful ideas for sewing!

  6. I always try to stay home during the holidays. However, traveling any other time of the year is wonderful! The Bernina travel bag would certainly be a wonderful addition to my luggage.

  7. I’ll be home for Christmas with my daughter and grandchildren here. After having knee replacement surgery the beginning of the month, it will be a good time to do some hand sewing.

  8. Stay-cation for me, family lives in San Diego, CA. Will visit them on the day. Sewing to my hearts
    content and celebrating with family on Christmas eve and day. Nice tote to transport gifts!

  9. We most likely will be staying home. Kids all have their own traditions and we just do our own thing. I will sew and hubby will do something in workshop.

  10. We’re not traveling, but we’re flying our daughter in for a week. I’m very excited and hope we can get some sewing done together between the festive activities.

  11. Traveling from South Dakota to our home state of Pennsylvania to spend Christmas with family and friends. Brought my trusty Bernina B780 with me as I spent a month on the South Carolina shore and had lots of time to make Christmas gifts.

  12. Just came back from an out of state trip to see a relative for Thanksgiving. We have other relatives living closer so will be spending Christmas with them. We host in alternate years …

  13. Though family is far, I can’t travel during the holidays because of my job. 🙁
    Christmas is spent at home and we travel up our hill to spend time with neighbors!

  14. Will I be traveling for Christmas? No – this is our year to stay home. 22 family members will be coming to our home this year. Every bed, couch and soft chair will be used for sleeping by adults. The kids will all sleep in sleeping bags on the floor in our downstairs family room. Should be hectic but super fun!!!!

  15. Wow, love the bag…anything Bernina! What am I doing this Christmas? Good question. Staying home…eating dinner with my good friend and her guest. Hopefully we will have some beautiful snow to enjoy looking at through the windows.

  16. I will be traveling two days by car to reach our destination and seeing some of our family for an early Christmas. However, we will actually be home for Christmas Day. So, in a way we’re doing both — going and staying 🙂

  17. We are traveling from Atlanta through Florida on to Houston, Tx. for the holidays… We will celebrate the New Year in New Orleans then travel back home.

  18. My favorite tree ornament is the first pair of shoes from my grandchildren, I write their name on the sole along with the date, I hang them on the Christmas tree.These tiny shoes always remind me of the Pitter_patter of the sweet children Christmas morning when they first see the presents around the tree. I have ten grandchildren now so the soles abound around our tree.

  19. I’m staying home sewing on my Bernina. I’m going to buy the 530 to sew all the little squares together as soon as the 15th rolls around on the special.

  20. I plan to make Santa mug rugs for grandchildren and great nieces and nephews and machine embroidered Santa faces that hold a packet of chocolate milk and candy cane for my grandchildrens teachers with my Bernini 730 and my 25 year old workhorse, my Bernina 1130. Lots of fun?

  21. All the kids are travelling home this year. I have lots of sewing to do before they come home. Everyone gets an embroidered stocking and of course pajama pants for all!

  22. Sadly, there’s no travelling this year. I miss my family and really wish I could spend Christmas with them but I’ll just have to try next year. Mom is 90 and the feeling of time being of importance isn’t lost on me but I was able to be home for her birthday this year and it was joyous.

    1. I understand Liz, my family gets to see everyone together only once a year also..Thankfully this is our year for Christmas. May your Christmas be blessed with surprise joy Surob5

  23. I want to thank the staff at Bernina for getting me back on We All Sew!!!!!! I love each and every Bernina that I own and have made in the past several of the projects on We All Sew. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your sweepstakes and a Very Merry Christmas to everyone at Bernina.

  24. I actually DO have a Christmas quilt. It is the first quilt I’ve ever made. It, amazingly, won first place in our guild’s quilt show this year in the “My First Quilt” category. Of course, we only had 3 entries in this category, so…Anyway, I was thrilled, to say the least, because I expected it to be hung on a back row in a not-well-lit area due to the numerous mistakes. But, I do love it. It was so much fun to do this with others who were sewing together at the time, and it was a fabulous learning experience. So, it holds a special spot in my heart, for sure. Merry Christmas, everybody

  25. Couldn’t make all the wonderful Christmas gifts without my Bernina Sewing Machine. Wouldn’t sew,quilt or do embroidery without one. It makes the holiday gift giving less stressful. Thank you for the ideas and projects, they are always an inspiration and fun to do.

  26. My family comes to my house for Christmas dinner we always make something special that they probably don’t make at home. Then for New Years, my husband and I are meeting my sister and her husband for dinner in Denver. The best part is the fireworks from the downtown mall. We will be watching from the 27th floor and you get to look straight at the fireworks instead of up at the them. It’s fantastic!!!

  27. My children and grandchildren will be coming to our house for Christmas breakfast (a family tradition), and then we will all “travel” to the home of one of our daughters (about 10 minutes away!) for Christmas dinner. No other travel involved!

  28. We always visit our our aunt who cannot travel. Where we set up a small tree, decorate her room and have a Christmas party ! Afterwards I hurry to finish sewing last minute gifts !!

  29. Enjoying staying at home. Immediate family will get together at my house. Working on a new bed quilt that I have had the material for about 20 years!

  30. My husband and I usually went to Oklahoma to be with my mother for Christmas. We’ll stay home this year because my mother, who was 95, passed away November 28.

  31. Our sons and family will gather at our home for Christmas Eve. Christmas day we will go about 5 miles away to our married son’s home to watch our little three year granddaughter open her gifts and have a brunch together. We are blessed to have both sons living nearby!

  32. I LOVE Bernina and all it stands for: Quality, Ease of use, and mostly
    FUN FUN FUN!!!! That said, I was asked where I store my sewing projects and fabric? Answer: Under the bed in sliding plastic bins, in the ‘spare guest room’ (all over the bed and in plastic see-through bins, so I
    know what is in there without opening them), and then–when we have a guest–in haul it out to the utility trailer and store it in there until the guest leaves. Merry Christmas, Everyone!

  33. Oh, I see that ya’ll were answering another question. Okay: Am I traveling for the Holidays? Hopefully I will not be traveling, but in one place, right next to my Bernina sewing machine and my Bernina surger!
    Zipppidddyyyyydooodaah, THAT is living large!

  34. I am staying home this year, not travelling at all. My sons live in TX, MD, and NH, so bad weather conditions prevent us from getting together. That gives me extra time to sew, whether it’s finishing projects for this year, or starting early for next year. This year has been an exceptionally enjoyable year of completing projects for Software Inspirations, DesignWorks Decoded, and All About Embroidery on my new 880.

  35. We will not be travelling for christmas as it is a special time for us to do nice things at home, including sewing & embroidery on my bernina for me & quilting for my husband. We do this while we hold our son who we lost in our hearts. Christmas is not a ‘chirpy’ time to everyone & we also look outside ourselves to someone who may also be finding christmas a difficult time for whatever reason. May your christmas be shared with kindness. Marie

  36. We are not traveling and will miss our grandchildren, but our daughter is here and our son will be traveling from Germany to celebrate Christmas with us.

  37. Not traveling for Christmas…just got a new grandson to stay home with! I’m making lots of presents, though…including receiving blankets and gloves for little fingers whose nails are too fine to trim. Also making lots of time for his big brother so he won’t feel left out.

  38. Not traveling this year. Children and grandchildren coming to our house. Sewing some gifts for the grandkids on my Bernina 1630. I love this machine, it is 20 years old but still sewing perfectly.
    Happy Holidays to all.

  39. All of my children live far away so I’ve been very busy making them beautiful gifts on my new Bernina! My favorite movie is “It’s a wonderful life”!

  40. We will not be on the road for this Christmas. This is the off year for us to travel, this year it’s the the kids’ turn. Our two daughters will be coming to our house, along with a son-in-law and granddaughter. 🙂

  41. I am traveling to Denver for Christmas to meet my sister who lives in England. She will be staying with my mother in who lives in Denver. I am busy making scarves for my nieces and a yoga mat carrier for my sister.

  42. We always travel from SC to Texas to be with the kids and grandkids. My 2 Berninas have been kept busy making bags for the girls and charity quilts for nursing homes here. I see a new Bernina in my future!

  43. I hope that everyone, whether traveling of staying home, will have a wonderful holiday! Thank you Bernina and We All Sew, it is so nice to be able to get even more inspirations from this wonderful site. This is my favorite time of year to stay inside and sew!

  44. Will travel to the DFW area if my Uncle (Age 86) needs me for health reasons; otherwise, I am going to stay home and enjoy my Bernina 880. Although it should be noted, if I do go to the DFW area, I’ll take my baby with me and do some sewing there!!!!

  45. No traveling for us thisa holiday. We are off work & I’m hoping to spend lots of time quilting and doing machine embroidery on my Babylock Sofia, so it will prepare me for getting my Bernina 770 in the spring. Practice makes perfect. And I love my Bernina Activa for all my quilting and regular sewing. Also may get to do some serging on my Bernina serger! I try to do some sewing every day, but at least get some done each week!

  46. I am traveling to the cabin for the holidays, a very Minnesotan thing to do. When I bought my new Bernina my old non-Bernina became my cabin machine. I will miss the Bernina while there.

  47. No, I won’t be traveling for the holidays. I just got back from visiting my oldest son and his family and my other 2 children live here with me. I celebrate Christmas with my local church family. Our Christmas program is this Sunday evening at 6:30 pm in Mikado, MI.

  48. My TIP is to always keep always to keep projects in baggies with instructions visable. Having a shelf or bin to keep those projects together in 1 place is helpful

  49. Just travelled across the country to see the 3 younger grandchildren, and of course their parents, and will celebrate with the older grandchild and his mother who live near us. Just finished a crib quilt for a neighbor who will deliver any time now – maybe Christmas Eve!

  50. Going to my sister’s house on Christmas eve, my brother’s house Christmas day afternoon and finally back to my home Christmas night. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  51. I’m traveling downstairs to be with my granddaughter, son and daughter-in-law for Christmas! I’m so lucky to own a duplex and have them living down stairs!
    Thank you for such a generous giveaway! Happy Holidays!

  52. No traveling this year. Everyone is complaining no to me this year. Won’t have to much time to sew. Going to start my new year sewing with friends though. I can hardly wait.

  53. I just finished a sweet little apron for my granddaughter featuring Mini Mouse! My 330 made it so easy. Teaching my daughter in law to sew and someday will have to get a Bernina for her. 🙂

  54. Going to make tamales with my mom first time ever. All of my berninas from the past are getting spiffed up as a Christmas present from my husband. A Bernett sewing machine, a bernette serger and my trusty Bernina 1700 from the 80’s.

  55. I am not going out of town. I’m having all my children, grandchildren, great-grand children here. I’ve been in my sewing room for days making Christmas gifts. I love giving hand-made gifts with my Bernina 580.

  56. I love the colors and designs of Kaffe Fassett and the simplicity of Riley Blake and a batik always temps me. My stash is filled with many fabrics from various designers and I love them all.

  57. I absolutely love Kaffe Fassett fabric….years ago I met him through knitting, so headed to the fabric store to find his fabric….no one knew his name….now we all love his designs!

  58. We plan to be home for Christmas, but we went to our daughter’s home for Thanksgiving as she was close to having a baby. I did sew a baby blanket and hat for the new boy, and Christmas skirts for my daughters and their dolls on my 20+ year old Bernina 1030. I’m sold on the Bernina sewing machines and recommend them to anyone looking for a sewing machine. My daughters love the features of the Bernina – especially the No. 10 foot — not sure what foot it would be now-a-days. I agree: nothing sews like a Bernina!

  59. My sewing room is my dining room, I have command hooks on the closet doors to hold all of my rulers. I have small plastic trays from Dollar Tree to keep my spools of threads organized next to my machine.I also have a tall 7 drawer cabinet with the drawers labeled that stores my embroidery threads and small sewing supplies. but the key is to put things back where they belong when done.

  60. I don’t usually make garments but I do make holiday table toppers and placemats! I’m going to my sisters for Thanksgiving. I plan on Christmas Eve with my children and Christmas day is at my brothers house I have two litters of puppies so I’m not going very far! They go to their new homes right after Christmas!

  61. We will be staying home for Christmas Day with one of our sons and his family, but taking day trips with them to have celebrations with my 90 year old mother and our other son and his family, topping it off with 4 of our grandchildren visiting until New Year’s and our annual New Year’s Eve party with them.

  62. We will be at home for Christmas so I will be volunteering at Christmas Eve services. We shall be entertaining a young cousin who’s a new nurse, as she’s far from her family. I have seen many gifts this holiday season but dread when my Bernina 880 needs to go in for service. It would be wonderful to have a back up machine.

  63. Each Christmas we take turns with my son-in-law parents hosting my daughter, their wonderful son and much loved granddaughters. They fly cross country from Oregon usually arriving very late in the evening, hungry and tired from a full day of traveling. This year the grandchildren will each receive a Christmas quilt made By me on my Bernina 880 using Amanda Murphy’s Jubilee holiday reds and greens collection. the quilts turned out so beautiful.

  64. My favorite designer is TULA PINK! I am the proud owner of a Tula Pink series Bernina 570 QE sewing/embroidery machine which I purchased earlier this year. The unique design and colors highlighting my machine are beautiful. My 4 and 5 year old granddaughters are so in love with Unicorns and it delights me to sew their fairy tale dreams with the machine embroidery designs & beautiful fabric choices available from the Tula Pink range. I’m currently working on four different quilts: 2 African inspired for my 2 nieces who both did volunteer work with children in Africa; a Christmas embroidered quilt and a woodland/bear appliqué quilt for my grandson’s 1st birthday. All machine quilting on my new machine. Thank you Bernina & Tula Pink 🙂

  65. I am not traveling, except to the quilt shops in the area to purchase supplies for next year’s quilt and embroidery projects. I am blessed to have my family within a few miles from home.

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