6 Days to Go . . . WeAllSew’s Countdown to Christmas

Day 18 of WeAllSew’s Countdown to Christmas . . . only 6 days to go! 

At WeAllSew we’re celebrating the “season of giving” by delivering small gifts to 24 of our loyal fans during the days leading up to Christmas, ending with a BERNINA backpack filled with goodies on December 25. Visit our blog each day  to answer the holiday-related question. We’ll pick a name at random from each day’s comments.



Today’s Question

Do you make several of the same gift project? One at a time or assembly-line style?


Sweepstakes Rules: Open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew.com blog by this evening, December 19, 11:59 p.m. Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact us at WeAllSew@berninausa.com to claim the prize; winner will be announced on WeAllSew about one week after contest ends.

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66 thoughts on “6 Days to Go . . . WeAllSew’s Countdown to Christmas

  1. Frequently! I usually make the first one as a stand alone to sort out how the project goes together and identify my problems and solutions. After that I assembly line the rest as much as possible unless I’ve done something crazy like wildly different colored fabrics where I can’t use the same thread throughout.

  2. I make several gifts at once and sort of do it assembly style. This year I made about 20 in the hoop mug rugs. They turned out pretty cute. After making about 6 of them I realized I could embroider names on them to make them more personable. I love sewing with my Bernina.

  3. you should pick comment 1.. 1 never gets picked.. YES, if i find a good present, i’m going to sew multiples and everyone gets one! .. Assembly line of course,, like chain piecing.

  4. I do like to make several of the same gift project and when I do that, I use assembly line methods. Last year I made 16 potholders (hot pads) and gave 2 each to 8 different people.

  5. Both depending on what it is. I usually do one at a time if thread color changes are needed often even if I’m sewing the same thing multiple times. I try to do cutting & interfacing etc. production style to save time.

  6. Yes, the “Snuggly Owl” by Ashley Johnston. Thank you! They are so adorable! I make each separately, so I can add my own flair ( like extra satin ruffles on the sides for “wings”, or 3D beaks). So fun & easy to make, and certainly loved by their recipients. To save some time, I do make a few parts assembly-line style: the feet, the eyes & beaks. Also, I use my circle sewer for the eyes. I would like to give a special shout-out to Ashley & anyone involved in posting this project to the “weallsew” site! Thank you!

  7. I definitely use assembly-line construction techniques whenever possible! I usually start by making one item all the way through, just to be sure I won’t run into any glitches, and then the others are done in assembly-line style to be more efficient and so I won’t forget to do something on one of the items. 😉

  8. Where is everyone? Not at the mall, I hope!

    Sometimes I do assembly line work (a set of stockings, for example). Other times, it’s one at a time. If it’s a bigger gift, it’s one at a time.

  9. when making multiples of a single item, I do assembly line style as much as possible… I cut out more than one, put on pockets etc, then stitch up each item but do the finishing touches one after the other like an assembly

  10. I rarely make the same thing twice. If I do a second copy of the same project it is so much later in time that I often feel like I’m re-inventing the wheel. No assembly line here.

  11. I sometimes make several of the same projects. If possible, I like to jump on the factory-style train and do assembly line construction. Some projects just don’t work out that way.

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