15 Days to Go . . . WeAllSew’s Countdown to Christmas

Day 9 of WeAllSew’s Countdown to Christmas . . . only 15 days to go! 

At WeAllSew we’re celebrating the “season of giving” by delivering small gifts to 24 of our loyal fans during the days leading up to Christmas, ending with a BERNINA backpack filled with goodies on December 25. Visit our blog each day  to answer the holiday-related question. We’ll pick a name at random from each day’s comments.



Today’s Question

Have you ever stayed up until the wee hours of Christmas morning finishing gifts? More than once?


Winner: Congratulations to diana123!


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98 thoughts on “15 Days to Go . . . WeAllSew’s Countdown to Christmas

  1. Yes I have. With three young daughters and full time employment there isn’t much time left over to spend together and where they aren’t buzzing around being crafty themselves.

  2. I’ve lost track of time too many times to count. At this time of year it’s so hard to even sleep because I have so many projects in my head trying to be created!

  3. Only once, because the last gift to be “wrapped” was a kitten.
    It’s usually close, but I do manage to get my sewing done before Christmas eve.

  4. Yes! One year I made my boyfriend (now husband) a quilt with pictures of us on it and stayed up the night before Christmas super late to finish to be able to give it to him the next morning!

  5. yes i have especially since my husband cant put together the bicycles on Christmas night So out of frustration I finally said “If all else fails, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!’ This was after I spent all day sewing the last gift for my mother.

  6. Yes. Most years I take on too many projects so end up working up until Christmas. This year I am trying my best to get done. I’ve made a list and I’m checking it twice, my schedule if all goes well, has me being done around the 20th. Yeah!

  7. when my oldest was young it was not uncommon for me to stay up till 2 or 3 in the morning trying to get whatever I was making completed so Santa could put it under the tree… more than once, I had to chase the sleep out of my eyes so he would have a grand Christmas

  8. You bet! I’ve been up till the wee hours of Christmas day finishing projects many times. I’ve even worked on some Christmas morning for giving later in the day.

  9. Actually, that used to be the norm around here .. staying up until late finishing and wrapping presents. Last year I broke with tradition and it felt GREAT!!! I’m an early-morning person so staying up late makes me a grumpy gal! Hahahaha!!!

  10. I always pre wrap the box that the gift is going to be in, that way if I’m finishing it on the way to the recipients house I can just take the top off the box and put the gift in and have an instant wrapped gift. Can’t count how many times I’ve made my husband stop just a few doors away so that I could finish what I was doing.

  11. No, I rarely sew gifts at the last minute because I know that doesn’t work for me. If I am rushed or too close to a deadline, I make mistakes. So, if I am not done by about the 22nd or 23rd of December, I save the project for the next year.

  12. No matter how hard I try to plan ahead, it always seems like there is something left over that keeps me up late Christmas eve. But I’m usually enjoying those late night tasks. Prepping for the holidays, no matter how late, always puts me in a good mood. 🙂

  13. One year, I found myself putting the lash stitches in the binding and sewing on the label on a wallhanging (60 x 60 -really BIG wall) for my sister. We do our family gathering on Christmas Eve just before lunch…just made it.

  14. Not lately! LOL! But when my children were little, I certainly did. I worked full-time, of course, and had limited time without the children around, so late nights were the only option. I know that’s the case for many mothers — and fathers, too!

  15. Of course. There have been numerous times I’ve stayed up into the wee hours to finish sewing a handmade project! The gift of giving something you’ve made can be so rewarding.

  16. Every year, and then I promise myself that it won’t happen again. BUT, it now the 10th of December and I can’t procrastinate much longer. Just a few days left. Merry Christmas to all.

  17. More and more I am making things for others. I foresee some long nights in coming years as my ideas get bigger than the actual time I have for creating.

  18. Only once. One year I decided at the last minute to make my mom some handwarmers (the kind you microwave to heat up). She oohed and aahed over them, but I haven’t ever seen her use them!

  19. yes many nights sewing into the wee hours trying to finish up heirloom outfits for my two children as youngsters. Now I find I am up in the wee hours finishing up Teacher gifts and family gifts.

  20. I was working on an afghan for my
    mother. As it came nearer to Christmas I realized I wouldn’t finish it so I gave her a Hummel of a girl knitting instead 🙂

  21. I have completely guilty of last minute sewing, but I haven’t ever run that last minute into the wee hours of Christmas morning. The wee hours of the day of the Christmas program, sure, but not Christmas day. 🙂

  22. A better question would be “who hasn’t?” LOL Oh YES. There are purses to finish, barbie clothes to make, American Girl Doll Clothes with matching girl clothes to make (of course these patterns must be altered to create “specific” grandchild oriented styles!! It is all in the time planning…..one must actually plan 2 years in advance to be done by Christmas Eve.

  23. Yes I have. And I have also finished hand-stitching the binding of a quilt in the car, on the way to the recipient’s house. Someone else was driving of course. 🙂

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