17 Days to Go . . . WeAllSew’s Countdown to Christmas

Day 7 of WeAllSew’s Countdown to Christmas . . . only 17 days to go! 

At WeAllSew we’re celebrating the “season of giving” by delivering small gifts to 24 of our loyal fans during the days leading up to Christmas, ending with a BERNINA backpack filled with goodies on December 25. Visit our blog each day  to answer the holiday-related question. We’ll pick a name at random from each day’s comments.

Today’s Question

Do you get together with friends for gift-crafting sessions?


Winner: Congratulations to mceb!


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63 thoughts on “17 Days to Go . . . WeAllSew’s Countdown to Christmas

  1. I try, but as my best friend lives hours away we get together via computer connections and cameras like Skype and Facetime. We stay as connected as possible and try to see one another at least once a quarter at which time we ignite each other’s creativity so that when we are apart we are working on new things and enjoying it all the more.

  2. When my children were younger (they’re grown now), I used to do that. However, now I’m more likely to do it on my own. However, I enjoy having my granddaughter (she’s 7) come over and quilt with me, and I’m looking forward to doing some post-Christmas (more relaxed!) baking with her.

  3. There are a group of us that started at the Bernina store. The owner retired but the group of us still get together either in November or December to finish up Christmas projects. It is great to get together with everyone, catch up and see and get ideas for Christmas.

  4. I have a good friend that I talk all things sewing/quilting. We are together quite a bit and often send quick pics of what we are working on to each other.

  5. My friend & I get together with our grandchildren to craft ornaments that they can give their parents for Christmas. This year we are making picture frames.

  6. YES. As much as I can. Sewing and quilting with friends during the holidays gives us much needed respite from the fast paced times of the season. We just laugh and drink coffee and get some work done, too! I love my sewing buddies!

  7. Years ago, my sister-in-law and I used to get together to make the year’s Christmas gifts. She now lives in another country, so we can no longer get together, but my niece and I share emails and photos of all the projects we are working on, which is almost as fun!

  8. I don’t get together with friends for crafting or sewing, but working on getting my granddaughter as often as I can as she enjoys doing crafty stuff and it’s a lot of fun for us to do it together.

  9. Unfortunately I do not have any local sewing buddies, so I do my gift making on my own at home. The upside is I don’t have to drag my machine in my car.

  10. I try to do this at least once before Christmas. Last year we all made fabric bowls. This year we are making Happy Village wall hangings. Thanks for the fun!

  11. Yes I have one sewing friend but she lives in CA so we usually exchange via usps. She was in Michigan this week so we got together a couple times & exchanged our sewing gifts yesterday. Good times!

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