Personalized Fabric Gift Tag

Personalized Fabric Gift Tag

Fast, fun, and versatile, give this personalized fabric gift tag a try! The sample shown is for a birthday, but using the alphabets on the BERNINA 770 QE it’s just as easy to create tags for Christmas or another occasion. Plus, they could be reused year after year if someone made a batch of them for family members.

Materials to Sew a Personalized Fabric Gift Tag

  • Front: 5 1/2″ x 3″ piece of fabric
  • Back: (folds over to form accent triangle) 6″ x 3″ piece of fabric
  • Fusible Batting 4″ x 2 1/2″
  • Ribbon (I used seam binding) for hanger about 9″
  • School glue
  • Thread: 12wt and 50wt
  • Machine Needles, size 70 or 80 and 100
  • Button for trimming

Tips for selecting fabric: I chose a solid for the front so that the sentiment would show up well. When using a stripe or directional print for the back, be mindful of the direction in which you cut it so that the top of your tag ends up as you envisioned it.

Instructions to Sew a Personalized Fabric Gift Tag

Step 1: Cut out fabrics and batting.

materials 1200 x 800 BERNINA WeAllSew Blog fabric gift tag

Step2: Fuse batting to the wrong side of the front fabric. Use a small ruler to help line up the batting so that it is 1/4″ inside of three sides.

ironing on batting 1200 x 1600 BERNINA WeAllSew Blog fabric gift tag

Step 3: Finger press the seam allowances away from the batting so that the area where you sew the lettering is clearly visible.

finger press 1200 x 1600 BERNINA WeAllSew Blog fabric gift tag

Step 4: Use the variety of alphabets on the BERNINA 770 QE to sew your personalized message with the 12wt thread and size 100 needle. The alphabet utility allows you to combine letters, as well as stop at the end of your phrase and tie a knot so that you can efficiently create more than one tag at a time. The thicker thread gives more emphasis to your stitched design.

alphabet screen 1200 x 800 BERNINA WeAllSew Blog fabric gift tag

ready to stitch 1200 x 800 BERNINA WeAllSew Blog fabric gift tag

Note: Sew a test swatch first to check the tension. This can also serve as a guide for placement of the lettering on the tag. Since you will be changing both the needle and thread for the next step, consider sewing the lettering on more than one tag at a time before moving on in the construction process.

Step 5: Change to the smaller needle (size 70 or 80) and 50 wt. thread. With right sides together and with a ¼ inch seam, sew the back to the embellished front around three sides.

seams stitched 1200 x 1600 BERNINA WeAllSew Blog fabric gift tag

Step 6: Trim the corners and turn the gift tag right side out.

Step 7: Press the sewn tag.

pressing 1200 x 800 BERNINA WeAllSew Blog fabric gift tag

Step 8: Turn ½ inch of the back over the top of the front and press to finish the edge. If necessary, dab a tiny bit of school glue beneath the fold to hold it in place, then iron to dry.

pressing top 1200 x 1600 BERNINA WeAllSew Blog fabric gift tag

Step 9: Press the corners of the top into the center to form the triangular top.

Step 10: Lightly glue the ribbon into the angled folds, then turn top corners back down and press.

ribbon placement 1200 x 1600 BERNINA WeAllSew Blog fabric gift tag

ready to topstitch 1200 x 800 BERNINA WeAllSew Blog fabric gift tag

Step 11: Top stitch around all edges of the tag, as well as across the bottom of the two triangles.

BERNINA WeAllSew blog personalized fabric gift tag

Add a button and you’re done!

2016 Holiday Countdown - 23 days until Christmas Day

Our December 2 Gift For You

Today’s gift is a set of three BERNINA Ornaments to one awesome WeAllSew fan.

BERNINA Scissors Ornament

BERNINA Ornament

BERNINA Thread Spool Ornament

All you have to do is post a comment below answering the following question:

Do you have a favorite holiday ornament?

A winner will be chosen at random on December 4, 2016 and announced the following week!

Good luck!

The contest is open for comments until December 2 at 12:00 midnight Central Time. Click here for contest rules.


Congratulations to our WeAllSew reader “cecilia3”, the winner of the December 2 gift. Enjoy!

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55 comments on “Personalized Fabric Gift Tag”

  • I have a tree full of special holiday ornaments made by my kids and my mother. However the most special decoration is a 3ft square green fence that I put around the base of the tree with my Santa Village. This fence was made in the early 1900’s the actual date is unknown but is was made by my greatgrand father. My great grandparents, grandparents, parents and now my family have always used this under our trees. We all had some sort of village or farm under the tree.

  • I don’t have a favorite ornament, but I do have a framed picture of my first son’s first Christmas from 1982 that I hang every year. I remember taking the picture and the thought I put into timing it after his nap so he would be in a good mood and he didn’t disappoint!

  • Those are cute! My favorite ornaments this year are hollow clear ornaments filled with rayon thread scraps left over from machine embroidery. This year’s batch of freestanding lace ornaments for gifts has given me lots of red, green and white threads for this!

  • When our children set their own households, our family’s favorite ornaments (their handmade ones throughout the years) found their way onto their own new families’ trees. Through the years my husband and I have purchased ornaments on our vacations and travels. These ornaments fill our own home’s tree and remind us of our happy times together.

  • Yes, I have a favorite ornament or two. My son and wife gave us a Christmas ornament the year they were married, 3 years ago. It has a collage of photos from the wedding. It is so beautiful that I leave it out all year and put on the tree at Christmas. Last year I made a cute little ornament following the directions from We All Sew. It is a photo printed on fabric of my 6 month old grandson sitting on Santa’s lap and peering at Santa. They turned out so cute and were easy to make with the great directions. I hope to make another this year.

  • My mother-in-law made me a set of crochet Christmas balls many years ago. Every time we put them on our holiday tree, we think of her. They are my favorite.

  • Yes! My favorite ornament is a wooden camel haphazardly painted yellow. It was made by my husband when he was four years old. It always gets a special spot on our tree.

  • One of my favorite ornaments was a Halloween gift as a child. It is a softie pumpkin man. Apparently when I was a toddler, I went into my room and got the pumpkin man off my dresser at Christmastime and put it on the tree. When my parents put away the decorations that year, they just put it in with our ornaments and it has been on our family tree ever since. When I moved out and had a family of my own, my Mother gave it to me for our family tree. Forty some years later, it still is on my tree.

  • My favorite ornament on our family tree was one that was musical. I don’t ever remember a tree without it. Wish I had it now and those back that shared the tree with me that my family has lost.

  • I only have special ornaments that have been given to me or that I got to depict special hobbies or interests. I do not have a sewing one. I have been a supporter and lover of Bernina since my first one back in the 1100 range. I now have the 830,and i got my husband the 1030 I think it is, plus I have a Bernina serger. I am 100% a Bernina person.

  • My favorite ornaments are ones that my mom, my sister and I made together back in the early seventies from kits my mom got, made from satin covered styrofoam balls, velvety ribbons, sparkly plastic beads, sequins and long pins. They are truly hideous to look at and my husband keeps hoping they will disappear. Each year more of the pins fall out, beads roll away and sequin get stuck on the tree skirt. But they are my favorite since we made them together!

  • I made a whole craft set of wooden ornaments during my college years, 40 years ago, that are still hung on my parent’s tree. Wow, bringing back some memories.

  • My favorite ornaments are the ones from my children’s first Christmas. Every year when I put them on the tree, I remember those little faces filled with excitement.

  • My favorite ornamentioned are the ones given to us annually by my late mother. She carefully chose ornaments for my tree and for each of our children from the year of their birth until she passed away. Such memories!

  • I embroidered by hand 6 different Christmas shaped ornaments! Both sides embroidered ..stuffed them. I just love them! I have given a couple of them away to dear friends and I know that they truly appreciate them!

  • A glass Nativity Scene given to me by my parents many years ago. A candle hit it and it fell to the floor and broke a couple years ago. I still have the pieces.

  • My favorite holiday ornament is the one that was given to us by the “best man” at our wedding (we were married June 30, 1972). Not a traditional wedding gift but one we cherish!!!

  • I don’t think I could ever pick one ornament, one of the things I do is buy an ornament for each of my children every year. Each ornament represents my children, so no I don’t have a favorite.

  • yes, a trio of them to be accurate.The first year we were married we bought blown glass ornaments – a hot air balloon, which represented something for our future; a piano, which represented by past; and a deer, which represented the present.

  • Cardinals have always been a reminder of my deceased mother. 2 of my 5 siblings make a different felt bird ornament that they mail to family members each year. The birds hang on a small table top tree and recall special family memories for me every Christmas season.

  • Love the tags. Can you answer a question for me please. I can see on your ‘Happy birthday’ writing that there is a distinct space between the stem of the I. And the dot. How have you managed that. When I use the alphabets the I always appears as an L. Did you cut the thread in between the stem and the dot?

  • Most definitely My Mother’s from 1956. A life changing year for us because my father was killed in a car accident that same December. So those old beautiful ornaments bring back memories every year.

  • It’s not easy to be organized when I have multi-projects going at a time but I try. I do have lots of space, I think that helps. I have a closet with shelves, plastic boxes and drawers under my cutting table. I have two walls for hanging rulers, stencils, cutting tools and other small things.

  • When my husband and I were first together 39 years ago, we had no extra money. I made baked ornaments. They were awful because I’d never done it before. We kept a few and every year when we decorate it takes me back to a special time in our lives.

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