DYI Personalized Can Wrap

Keep your cool.

No sweaty palms.

It’s as simple as putting a wrap on a cold can of soda. It is easier to hold and there’s no condensation to wet your hands. Jazz them up with fun summery colors or prints and personalize them with the names of your pals. A perfect party favor for your next barbeque with friends.

can wrap


  • 6ʺ x 12ʺ rectangle of print fabric
  • 6ʺ x 12ʺ rectangle of Jiffy Grip or Grip Stop*
  • 6ʺ x 12ʺ rectangle Insul-Bright® (needle-punched insulating material)
  • 1 yard of fold-over elastic (preferred) or bias binding
  • 4-1/2ʺ-long strip of sew-on hook-and-loop tape
  • Matching thread
  • Size 80/12 Universal (all-purpose) sewing machine needle

*Grip Stop is found in the utility section of many fabric stores; Jiffy Grip is found in the notions aisle. These materials are designed to keep your wrap from slipping out of place.

sewing supplies

supplies for optional embroidery

  • Embroidery machine
  • Embroidery thread
  • OESD LightWeight Cut-Away Stabilizer
  • Temporary fabric adhesive
  • Size 80/12 Embroidery needle

Step 1) Cut the fabric.

Download and print the template: Can_Wrap_Pattern_Piece_-_WeAllSew.pdf

Using the template

  • Cut one piece from exterior fabric
  • Cut one piece from InsulBrite
  • Cut one piece from Jiffy Grip or Grip Stop

fabric layers

Step 2) Embroider a name. (Optional)

Embroider a name, design, or saying on the exterior fabric piece, making sure the name runs lengthwise across the fabric.

embroidery machine

embroidery in hoop

Step 3) Construct the can wrap.

Make a fabric “sandwich” as follows, matching raw edges:

  • Jiffy Grip or Grip Stop wrong side up
  • InsulBrite next
  • Exterior fabric right side up


Baste layers together or use temporary fabric adhesive to hold the layers together.

Attach hook-and-loop tape to the wrap ends:

  • Sew the scratchy hook tape to the exterior fabric.

hook side of tape

  • Sew the soft loop tape to the Jiffy Grip/Grip Stop fabric.

loop side of tape

Trim the excess hook-and-loop tape from the wrap, rounding the edges as needed.

round corners

Apply fold-over elastic (or bias binding) to the edges of the can wrap, folding under 1/4ʺ to 3/8ʺ at the end to create a finished edge.

fold-over bias

fold-over bias

Place the wrap around your favorite beverage, overlapping the hook-and-loop edges to secure the ends.

can wrap

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