Countdown to Christmas starts today!

Join us in the Countdown to Christmas event which starts today here on our WeAllSew blog. From December 1 through December 25, Christmas day, we will feature inspirational Holiday stories, Holiday project tutorials and gift ideas, and the best part, a fun give-away for one lucky reader each day!

Countdown to Christmas

The daily gifts include colorful fabrics, sewing notions, free embroidery design downloads, entire embroidery design collection CD’s, fun BERNINA swag and even one BERNINA 215 Simply Red sewing machine.
B 215 Swiss Red sewing machine

It’s definitely worth it to check back often not to miss out on this fabulous gift you might win just in time for your holiday break sewing.

Our December 1 Gift for You

Our gift today is a free download of the star design from the Merry and Bright embroidery collection. This collection entails 31 designs created by OESD exclusively for BERNINA designed by Amanda Green. We will feature a design of the Merry and Bright embroidery collection each day during our Countdown to Christmas event. The stitch n’ turn designs can be celebrated with advent calendars, gift tags, ornaments or any quick Holiday project.

25 Days to Christmas

Download your free embroidery design here: Merry & Bright Star #21025-25

If you are interested in purchasing the collection and complete your set, please visit your local BERNINA store.

Happy Holidays from the BERNINA’s WeAllSew Team!

122 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas starts today!

    1. This is my first holiday season as a new B790 owner. I am so excited to learn more about Bernina and the great projects my machine can do, thank you for doing this!

    2. Bernina products are devine, and they just keep giving me more and more enjoyment. Even now, I can look forward to a little something special everyday throughout December.

  1. Love the “Countdown to Christmas. It is such a happy way to start my day, with my eye on Christmas and all of the ideas for projects and gifts that you share. Thank you so much for the free design. I will use it soon as part of this year’s gifts for family and friends. I feel that Bernina is one of my best friends.

  2. Thank you for putting a smile on my face Bernina. This is a great way to start the day of a very stressful time of year. It helps being part of the Bernina family, you help make the magic really happen

  3. December is a great month – birthdays and Christmas – now free gifts from Bernina too – what more could we want? Question – is everyone who receives the newsletters in the running for the give-away for one lucky reader each day or just those who leave comments here?

  4. Thanks for the design. I have downloaded it but I don’t find the directions for “The stitch n’ turn” sew out. Am I missing something? Thank you.

    1. Dear Kelly, keep visiting WeAllSew during our Countdown to Christmas. One day between now and December 25 there will be the chance for one lucky WeAllSew reader to win the BERNINA 215 Simply Red.

  5. What fun! There’s nothing better than to feel like you belong to a group that shares your same passions. This gives me something fun to look forward to each day from now to Christmas other than the big rush of getting ready for the big day.

  6. I am so excited to start my countdown with Bernina. Me and my Bernina 440 Quilters addition will be busy this month. Thank you for the generous download.

  7. So excited at the chance to win a sewing machine for my sister… Her old singer chocked and crocked yesterday… She lives on a small pension and Cannot afford a new machine… She quilts beautifully but she gives her quilts away as gifts… She collects scraps to make her quilts… Waste not want not! She is visiting so she can sew on my Bernina 780 to finish her Christmas items….wish me luck!! Thanks for this chance to make someone happy! Sew This in Abita Springs LA is my go to Bernina dealer…

  8. I have a 770–Whoopee!!! So, your countdown to Christmas is not for me, sad to say. What about all the women who own Berninas (and they are an INVESTMENT) and don’t have embroidery. Don’t we count with We All Sew?

    1. Vronya, I would give them a chance to give away other things, I mean, it is only the first of
      a lot of days. I’m just sayin’. Meanwhile I think that it is exciting that you are investing in Berninas! Good plan, as they hold up their value, and FUN to use. Keep up the good work! Becky Jo Benson

  9. I downloaded the free design today, opened it in Designer Plus with Parallels on my Mac, changed the size, transferred it to my Bernina and stitched it out.
    I have been so busy quilting that I haven’t done much embroidery lately. Everything worked beautifully! Thanks!

  10. Thank you so much for an embroidery design. I’m not downloading it to my iPad now but will later to my PC. Bernina, you’re the greatest.
    Lucky quilter

  11. Thank you Bernina for the wonderful design. At this same time last year, my 780 and I were hard at it working on a goal of completing 3 quilts. We made it! This year we have time to play and plan to try out the new design. Happy Holidays to all.

  12. I stressed over spending the money for my Bernina, but now realize it is one of the best investments that I ever made, allowing me to do things that I never could with my old machine. I love the lessons and patterns that you share with all of us. Thank you for making our holidays just a little bit brighter 🙂

  13. HOW exciting IS THIS? I would just faint away to have such a machine. I used to sew an awful lot and have been getting back into it lately. And teaching grandgirls now.

  14. This is my” first” comment ever on this site. I am so happy to be a member of this ” Bernina family”. I bought my first Bernina 830 in 1977 and wouldn’t ever consider another brand. I have the newer 830, and I love and use them both. The 1977 version has NEVER had a “sick” day in all these decades. Love that I am able to embroider with the newer 830, while piecing with the “senior” 830. Now, if I could just convince my better half that I really need to enlarge my family of Bernina’s I would. Thank you so much for the downloads. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

  15. LOVE IT!!!!! Best machine I have ever owned! I am looking forward to all of the days before Christmas with Bernina ! Thank you for the Christmas Cheer!

  16. Thanks–I downloaded the zipped design. Now I just need to load my embroidery soft wear on my new computer & try to remember how to unzip a file…

  17. I am so wishing, wanting drooling after an embroidery machine since the Chicago 7 went on sale before Thanksgiving but for some reason the store near me is not doing the sale. Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas 🙂 It is SO awesome that you guys are giving such beautiful designs away!

  18. We make most all our gifts at Christmas time and throughout the year. I think they are much more heartfelt and you are giving someone your time — a gift you can’t buy!!

  19. Thank you for the embroidery design. I am looking forward to trying it out. I have an 830 Record which I have had since the 1970’s that anchors my small Bernina family. It’s testament to the reliability and durability of the machines.

  20. I purchased a bernina 750 in February and thought I didn’t want the embroidery module…well I was wrong. So many cute and fun projects! Love love love my Bernina!! Still have my old 801 as well.

  21. I posted a comment on Dec. 1st. do not see it here so will post again. Thank you for the gift, has the second one been posted? I looked all day yesterday, between stitch out project I am working on and didn’t see anything for the 2nd. Hope Santa smiles on everyone. Or is there a special place to go for #2.

  22. I bought a 780 this summer and just love it. Can’t wait to get downloaded and try it out. I also own a vintage 830 that has many sewing miles on it. Love you Bernina!

  23. Thank you for this cute design. I will keep my fingers crossed and my needles straight on the 214 Simply Red.
    Have wanted a Bernina sewing machine for quite sometime but, Santa had the kids and grands to think of first.

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