How to Make a Lumberjack Hat

This fall I launched a new line for my boys clothing designs at TrashN2Tees in collaboration with friend and fabric designer Kimberly Kling of Joyful Roots. We set out on a wilderness adventure with our sweet but burly lumberjack design. A celebration of Paul Bunyan proportions ensued as I gathered all the wee ones I know for a photo shoot and lumberjack-themed party. There were maple syrup and bacon cupcakes, too! You can read all about it on my blog

How to Make a Lumberjack Hat

No lumberjack is complete without his hat (and a beard!). Today I’m sharing my one-size-fits-most Lumberjack Hat pattern created just for the occasion! You’ll be able to whip up a warm winter hat in less than an hour. The pattern provided comfortably fits children and adults from age 3-103.

How to Make a Lumberjack Hat


Download and print the Lumberjack Hat pattern pieces: how_to_make_a_lumberjack_hat_-_pattern_121814.pdf

Step 1) Prepare the fabric pieces.

Cut out and tape the pattern pieces together as indicated.

Cut the following pieces from the print fabric:

  • Side – Cut two 
  • Center Strip – Tape pieces together; cut one 
  • Back/Ear Flaps – Tape pieces together; cut one 
  • Brim – Cut one 

Place cut fabric pieces on top of the sherpa fleece, right sides together. Cut fleece pieces 1/4″ larger than the fabric pieces.

Step 2) Construct the hat.

Position your materials with wrong sides together.

How to Make a Lumberjack Hat - cutting out the fabric

Construct the top part of the hat: Match one side piece with one long edge of the long edge of the center top strip. Stitch together leaving raw edges exposed on the outside of the hat. Repeat for the second side.

Topstitch around the lower edges of the back/ear flap section and the front brim.

Pin the back/ear flap piece to the top part of the hat, using the side pieces as guides for aligning the ear flaps. Stitch.

Finish the hat by sewing the front brim on. For a floppy brim I attached this piece 1/2″ inside the topstitching. If you choose to have a fixed brim, tack it in place or add snaps, buttons, or hook-and-loop tape closures.

How to Make a Lumberjack Hat

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  1. This is so frustrating all my apps iPhone iPad
    Laptop samsung table I can not print or down
    Projects It jumps into the ruffled foot project
    Please please fix fix it I wanted to get instructions for the lumberjack hat before summer!

  2. The instruction for this hat are very confusing to me. Do you topstitch all around all the pieces? Example match one side piece with one long edge of the top stitch? I’m sorry but I don not understand and this should go together in about 10 minutes max. Help

    1. Maxine, I’m sorry you found the instructions confusing and thank you for pointing that out to me. I clearly made a mistake when typing up the instructions. I made appropriate edits to the post. Per your question read below:

      You’re going to take one side piece and match it with the long edge of the center top strip. It’s best to use pins to help you pin the center section along the curve. This will then be top stitched. Repeat for the second side.

      If you need any additional help please don’t hesitate to leave a question here or tweet me @TrashN2Tees or find me on facebook. This project should go together fairly quickly but certainly not meant to be done in 10 minutes- the posts suggests less than 1 hour.

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