How to Make a Peplum Belt

Make a fashion statement with this easy-to-sew peplum belt. Add an extra half yard of fabric when you purchase supplies for your next dress, skirt, or top and make a coordinating peplum belt. 

peplum on a waistband/belt


  • 1/2 yard of fabric
  • Matching thread
  • Fusible interfacing
  • One 2″-long piece of 1-1/2″-wide hook-and-loop tape
  • Straight edge
  • Chalk marker
  • Hand sewing needle


Step 1) Prepare the waistband.

Cut two waistband pieces 4″ x (your waist measurement plus 1-1/2″).

waistband pieces

Cut one piece of interfacing same size as your waistband pieces; fuse to the wrong side of one waistband piece.

fuse interfacing

 Place both waistband pieces right sides together. Sew across one long edge and both short edges.


Clip the corners and turn the waistband right side out. Be sure to push out the corners.

clip corners

Step 2) Prepare the peplum.

Cut two peplum pieces 10″ x (your waist measurement times 1-1/2″).

cut peplum pieces

Sew the two peplum pieces together at one short edge to create one very long piece. Press seam allowances open.

sew peplum

Gather one long edge using your favorite technique. I stitched two parallel lines of 5 mm-long stitches, then pulled on the bobbin threads to gather the edge.


gather edge

gather edge

Narrow-hem the sides and lower edge of the peplum by turning under 1/4″ two times and stitching close to the edge. 

Tip: If you’re using a fabric that doesn’t ravel, such as leather or suede, there’s no need to hem the edges.


Step 3) Attach the peplum to the waistband.

Place the peplum and un-interfaced waistband right sides together, matching the center of the peplum to the waistband center seam, and machine the sides of the peplum to the waistband end seams. Pin the peplum to the un-interfaced waistband piece, leaving the interfaced side free.

peplum + waistband

peplumUsing a 5/8″-wide seam allowance, stitch the peplum to the waistband, beginning and ending at the waistband side seams and securing stitches at both ends.

Tip: Stitch with the gathered edge underneath the flat piece; you’ll be able to see what you’re doing and avoid getting puckers in the flat fabric.

sew peplum to waistband

sew peplum to waistband

Turn under 5/8″ along the lower edge of the interfaced side of the waistband; pin and slip-stitch closed.

Tip: Turn under a scant 5/8″ to make the waistband edge overlap and just barely cover the stitching.

turn edge under

Place the peplum belt around your waist and adjust the overlap to determine where to place the hook-and-loop tape. Mark the location on the back of the overlapping piece and the front of the underlap .

Sew the hook-and-loop tape in place through all layers.

hook-and-loop tape

hook and loop tape

 Your peplum belt is finished!

peplum on a waistband/belt

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