How to Make a Jellyfish Cat Toy

The only thing more fun than making this pet toy is watching your cat play with it! Using supplies readily found in most craft rooms, you can easily make this toy in an afternoon, but it will provide hours of entertainment for cats and humans alike. See how easy it is to create with a full-length, step-by-step video tutorial by Professor Pincushion.

How to Sew a Jellyfish Cat Toy

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4 thoughts on “How to Make a Jellyfish Cat Toy

  1. Please tell people to cut the tentacles to about 3 inches so the cat/kitten won’t strangle themselves with the tentacles. Be sure to put drinking straws over the hanging yarn so they won’t get themselves strangled by it either. If you must leave the tentacles 12 inches long, then put a drinking straw(s) over the yarn and stitch the end of the yarn to the end of the straws. We would not want any one to have their beloved pet hurt. This is a great pet toy. I am eager to get one made for my 4 cats.

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