Sewing Masks For Health Care Workers

Using my BERNINA 560, I have been sewing masks to be donated to health care workers.  Helping in a small way can help those that take care of us when we need it most.  Thank you to our life savers.

19 thoughts on “Sewing Masks For Health Care Workers

    1. I depends on the health care worker. This type was specifically requested by an ER department. They have 3 layers and a filter pocket with bendable nose piece. I have also made 2 other styles from requests.

      1. Can you tell me where I can get that specific pattern with the pouch. I have been unable to locate that particular pattern. Thank you

        Claudia, Houston, TX

    2. tdkerin – join the “COVID Mask Crafters” facebook group. There are people all over the country making masks and they can give you info on where to donate them.

    3. Please contact Lauren Byrd at the Florida Medical Society. Many many people in the healthcare field want these masks, especially those with a pocket for a filter.

  1. Your masks are very nice. Could you please tell me what you have used for the 3 layers of your mask and what you used for the nose piece and can you share the pattern you used?

    1. I used quilting weight cotton for all three layers. The nurses told me that they wanted a pocket for a filter and to make it breathable so I used cotton. I used either pipe cleaners or twist ties for the bendable nose piece. If you choose not to make the straps, you can use bias binding that you can buy in a package. I prefer to make my straps. If you look in the posting below, you will also see a link to the video on how to make it. Thank you.

  2. I have read that the ties are preferred but I can’t find a pattern that shows the pleat markings or the length for the ties. Also read that some types of stabilizers make a good filter but no one says which stabilizer that is. Beginners need details that others don’t. Thanks for your help

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