Face Masks Desperately needed

We have started a FB group to support and encourage Seamstresses to make face masks for Healthcare workers…we have a team of professionals who have approved a pattern that we have available for download. Please join the group and Spread the word!! Seamstresses Unite https://www.facebook.com/groups/943886366014014/ If you are in the Seattle Area:We have an approved pattern/Instruction sheet!!  There is a video link on the last page, but we have modified the design a bit…but for those who need a video, this one is very helpful… We are working hard to identify medical personnel/organizations that have a great need for these masks…so far we are seeing an overwhelming need…Please refer any need request to me and we will do our best to fill the need… We want to group volunteers by zip code so we can organize delivery and match with medical providers by location. If you are not in the Seattle Area, we can still help, please let me know where you are located, I am being contacted by healthcare professionals around the country is desperate need…I might be able to match you up with them. When Seamstress’ Unite, Great things Happen!! Thanks, Trish Moylan Davis  

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    1. I want to help! I’m a retired health care provider and want to help my colleagues. What fabric is recommended for use? Where is the pattern? Help

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