Sewing Room within my Utility Room


I am reposting as the first post didn’t include the photos for some reason and it wouldn’t let me edit. Fourteen years ago we built our ‘forever’ home and had the builder enlarge the laundry room to accommodate my sewing which at the time was not often.  BUT–now it is way to small.  I am constantly rearranging the sewing desk from back wall to side wall.  I had a TV installed and one wall is peg board for most of my sewing items.  The cabinets except for those above the washer/dryer are completely filled with fabric, books, embroidery items, etc.  One cabinet was lowered at my request so I could use it as a cutting station.  Sewing machine is at the shop for its yearly checkup and I hope it is back by Friday in case we are given a sewing project for the second week.   PS, sorry the photos are sideways.

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