Sewing Spaces in a 1,000 sqft Home


My home is small and I do not have a dedicated sewing room. I used to have an entry level Brother machine, that I would move around to wherever the best light was in our home. During the spring and fall it was set up in our sun room and during the summer and winter you were likely to find me in the basement. Here is a little secret, I hate working in the basement. Even though it is finished, I’d much rather have a small table in my dining room than a large one in the basement. Recently, I upgraded to a used Bernina (230PE). I love her so much, she’s smooth and strong! She lives in my dining room on an antique sewing table. I do most of my cutting in the basement still but the main show happens in the heart of the house! It’s also had the added benefit of me squeezing in more sewing, with two small children (one who is just 8 months) 10 min here and there is a blessing!

I really wanted the Simple Red 215 as my upgrade machine but could not afford a new one. We live in an old home where something seemed to need repair just as I was about to buy a new machine. I am so grateful for my 230, a 215 would be a dream come true!

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