My humble sewing space


This is my humble sewing space. I have lots of fabric in plastic bins. I’m a self taught beginner and a single mom. So I can’t afford a Bernina sewing machine. They’re too expensive for my budget. I love sewing because my mom used to sew and she passed away from cancer four years ago. I inherited her sewing machine and started to teach myself how to use it.

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  • I’m sorry at the loss of your mom. I agree with Michael – you are honoring your mom by learning to sew. The internet is where I go when I need to know something specific – sewing with vinyl, sewing burlap, how to sew baby items, how to use my rolled hem foot… The Bernina site has fun and easy to do projects. Watch garage sales and rummage sales for great buys on fabric!
    The best of luck to you! Janet

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