Sirene “The Mermaid”


I was fortunate to attend a class held by Laura Heine at the Grand Hotel in May, 2017.  I selected her pattern, Sirene The Mermaid.  After 800 hours, the quilt was finished!!!  Her quilts are raw edge appliqued and I choose to “finish” all edges since I was giving this quilt to our 37 year old daughter and knew she would wash it often.  It was truly a labor of love that our daughter appreciates and is enjoying each day.  My husband and I presented the quilt to her for Christmas 2017!!!  I’m so proud of it.

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  • This quilt is beautiful. I’ve been wondering if quilts made like this are stiff or are they soft after washing. I would like for my quilt to be well loved and washed many times if possible. You did a beautiful job.


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