Space for the Imagination


My sewing world is  spread about our house.  One can not open a door with out material falling out.  My newest acquisition, my Bernina 88O still is on the dining room table but hopefully I will get it downstairs to my quilting, sewing, embroidery and applique corner.  Christmas this year is exciting as my husband bought me a serger…under the tree driving me crazy.  Next year I hope very much to get a cabinet setup for my room and make space for my dream of a long arm.  When my husband bought me my Artista 730 I truly believed nothing could be better.  I now realize something new and wonderful will keep appearing at the Bernina Store!

2 comments on “Space for the Imagination”

  • I must comment that you seem to have the space to make a truly wonderful sewing space work for you, all you need is a small bit of organization & you can sew into the new year with fun. You must be happy with your newest additions. I am sure you will find a place to set them up & get to sewing soon. Good luck. I received the Bernina Koala cabinet & I have the room but can’t seem to get everything where I want it -the fabric is “growing” as I speak . . . .

    • Congratulations! What a wonderful win! I do have room if I part with several family antiques. I am torn. I do hope to store a couple pieces to at least to give myself more room. Enjoy your new cabinet and happy sewing!

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