Terri’s Art Galaxy


My sewing room started years ago in a space of 10′ by 5 1/2′ on a loft between my boys bedrooms.  When I would set everything up, they had a hard time getting in their rooms, so my husband set up a corner in the basement for me.  We painted the concrete walls and added outdoor carpet.  We went to a lumber company back in their scrap dept. and found a couple of corner countertops.  He built some cabinets for the countertop and make me a beautiful cutting table. My husband brought home some drawers from a hallmark store he remodeled and I had storage and an ironing center.  It wasn’t that warm in the cold weather months so sewing was put aside for a couple of months.

Then the boys moved out and one bedroom became mine! I moved upstairs and we added some pegboard above the countertop and added a TV.  I framed a puzzle I had done  for the wall above the cutting table. We replaced the shutters in the wall with leaded glass with gives me lot of light.  I have a full length mirror behind the door to check out the fit of my projects.  Having my own room that I can close the doors in the middle of a project is wonderful!  I named it “Terri’s Art Galaxy” because I am always dreaming and my head is in the stars.  My love of dogs is also scattered around the room.

That loft I started in now has a bookcase of books and a comfy chair where I can read or sit and do handwork.



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