Vibrant Celebration Sashing and Cornerstones


The on-point aspect of Jubilee threw me for a loop, or a 45 degree angle, at least. In Part I, Amanda Murphy stated, “I would also stay away from directional prints, ” but I have a warped sense of adventure. “Oh no! I forgot these blocks are on-point,” I said to myself (because crazy people such as myself talk to themselves). In a dither, I recut the innermost fabric (C) on-point. Then I realized (dun dun dun — insert ominous music) when you hold the blocks on point, the fabrics I just recut aren’t actually on-point. Over the course of all this disorientation, my cut fabrics shrunk like a bad haircut. Then I got a brilliant idea for salvaging my impulsive cutting. I’d paper-piece the central cornerstones. You can download the pattern ( if you’re in a paper-piecing mood. Cut a 3 1/2″ square for the center C, which is not on-point; 1 3/4″ E strips for the next round; and two 4″ A squares cut once on the diagonal. To make best use of the prints, I marked a ruler with removable tape to highlight the area that would be visible in the finished cornerstones before cutting each piece.

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