How to make holiday aprons

Celebrate the Holidays with DIY Aprons

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Wearing a handmade apron is a great way to add a bit of fun to any Holiday celebration, and aprons also make great gifts!


Sew an Apron to Show Your Graditude

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This year the day right before Thanksgiving is National Tie One On Day. Give an apron (or wrap an apron around a homemade baked gift) and pass it along to someone in need as a way to give thanks. We’re celebrating by sharing one of our favorite apron projects, the one yard “no-waste” apron.

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Put the “Give” Back in Thanksgiving with National Tie One On Day™

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Over the years, I’d noticed Thanksgiving talked about in terms more commonly associated with stress than joy. Remembering my mother’s absolute love of Thanksgiving as a day more than anything else of sharing and gratefulness, I embarked on a personal campaign to put the “give” back into Thanksgiving.

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Help us “Tie One On” Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow we’re celebrating National Tie One On Day with EllynAnne at Apron Memories! Read all about how this celebration of giving thanks got started and how you can join in.

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Tie One On: Giving Thanks With Aprons

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This November 23rd we invite you to join us in celebrating National Tie One On Day by donating a handmade apron and a baked goody to someone in need while pausing to reflect on giving thanks for the holidays.