Birdie Pincusion Project from Sharon Holland

Could you use a little spring cheer in your sewing room or crafting space? Try stitching together one or more of these pretty little Birdie Pincushions! This downloadable tutorial from Sharon Holland includes pattern pieces and sewing instructions to make your own little flock of birdies for yourself or for a quick gift for a friend.  Click here to visit Sharon’s blog and download the tutorial.

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9 comments on “Birdie Pincusion Project from Sharon Holland”

  • Unable to download all KB of Sharon’s .pdf; get as far as download of 734.85 of 804.25 KB which appear to include pages one and two only. Can someone notify her? Thanx

    • It might be that your computer timed out, especially if you have a slow Internet connection. We haven’t had trouble downloading the instructions. Try again at a less busy time and see if you’re able to download the file. I hope it works for you this time! Jo

  • I used my work internet to try to download, we have a corporate T1 line we use for online training, no speed problems and I am having trouble also. I can only get page 1 then I get an error box: “There was an error processing a page. A file I/O error has occurred.” I also have the full version of Adobe Acrobat 9.

  • I cannot download the .pdf file either. My computer is on high speed (very fast) internet so the problem must be the traffic or at your end. Thanks

  • Okay….yesterday I said I could not downloaad the pattern. Tried time and time again with no results. So I went on my husbands computer and had NO problem at all. Same internet service of course.
    The difference is not the internet speed but the fact that I did not have the LATEST version of Adobe Reader. I downloaded the new Adobe Reader X and then it worked like a charm. There is a note on the page that says to have the latest version and I thought I did….but did not. Again……operator error!!! LOL!

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