…And this is why I am in the contest!


For the corner border motifs, I switched back to the #26 presser foot and bought a Jumbo Bernina hoop so I could do two corners at a time. I figured the jumbo hoop would be a good investment because after watching the machine embroider for so many hours, all the kids are anxious to do all kinds of embroidery projects. These paisleys took quite a bit of time to embroider, but I did get them done in only two hoopings. Having finally gotten all the kinks worked out and knowing better how to work with the metallic thread, things went very smoothly – my least fussy embroideries yet! I love how they turned out. They are so beautiful and I love the tiny cream flower details. A little side note: I really love the little snips that came in the Anniversary cutting set. It is a pretty unique design and I haven’t ever seen any other snips like them, but I LOVE them! They are so perfect for all the little trimming and snipping I’ve had to do. I wish I could get another pair! As I was finishing the last paisley in my last corner motif, word got out that I was almost done with the Bernina. You can see the result of this news in my pictures above. LOL! …And this is why I am in this contest. Apparently, I need another machine. All of my blocks are finally finished and I am so excited to get everything pieced together!

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