Bernina feet and accessories storage


My husband bought a fishing tackle box from Cabellas. He wasn’t using 2 of the containers in the back so I made them into feet and accessory storage. The dividers are removable so I lined the bottom with felt. Each section has a label for the individual foot.

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  • I did something similar but put foam in the slots so feet would stay put and not bounce in the box. Then I numbered them so I knew what foot was out of the box. Also lined them up in number order so easier to see what foot I need. I can store bobbins, needles stitch plates and tools in the bigger slots. Mine is two sided so I put the “D” feet on the other side. One other tip was to make an index card with the foot number-and name of each foot and taped it inside the lid facing out so I could see it with out opening the box. It fits perfectly on my rolling cart and has a handle if I want to hang it up out of the way.

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