Bernina Love


Almost 30 years ago I was struggling to sew outfits for a wedding that was to blend our two families together. My “other brand” machine had me blubbering in tears after several unsuccessful trips to have it repaired.  The wedding date was looming, and my soon-to-be-husband saw my total distress.  He offered to take me to buy a new machine. I knew right then that I had picked the right man! At a recent community event at the local high school, I had seen the Home Economics teacher sewing on a Bernina and I envied the things that this mechanical wonder could create. We immediately headed to the Bernina dealer and brought home my dream machine. It was an 1130 and I was now in sewing machine heaven. I completed all the wedding attire just in time for the wedding. I was about to start a new chapter in my life with the man of my dreams and the sewing machine of my dreams! Over the years, that machine helped me make clothing for our family, prom dresses and our daughter’s wedding dress. It also helped me create drapes, upholstery projects and my very first quilt. I even taught our very first granddaughter to sew on the machine that started our marriage and it is still going strong today. That man who brought home my 1130 has continued to support my Bernina love throughout our marriage. I now own 3 Bernina machines and a Bernina serger.

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