My First Bernina


Walking through the beautiful town of Portsmouth, NH with my husband and son on a glorious Mother’s Day Saturday, we came upon a lovely little fabric store in a very old building.  I suggested that the men “Probably wouldn’t want to go in and check it out.” , but it was Mother’s Day and they were kind.  I walked in to find the tiny shop was much larger inside and filled to bursting with gorgeous fabric and project samples and BERNINAS!  Tons of Berninas, all set up and ready to try.  The staff was great, they showed me a few machines and allowed me to sew on them.  It was absolutely fantastic.  I felt giddy, having never seen so many really fabulous machines.  The Tula Pink 350 was on display in the window, so I asked about it and before we left the shop, my sweet husband bought that gorgeous machine for me.  My beautiful machine sat idle on my dining room table for weeks, when my husband asked if I had buyer’s remorse and I had to admit that I was a bit intimidated.  A few online videos later, I plucked up my courage and tried to sew with abandon. I made purses, wallets, bags, small quilts and clothes on that first machine.  Fast forward three years and I now own a vintage Nova and a brand new 770QE (it still gives me goosebumps)as well as my fist Bernina, my gorgeous Tula Pink 350, the OG and my ride or die.

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  • I have sewn just about all of my life – my mother sewed; her sister sewed – they sewed out of necessity, then later in life for the joy of it. It might be genetic, but I’m the only one in my family of 9 cousins that sews. I went to a local fabric shop, looking for a new machine – the last couple I’d had were school machines purchased used and quite basic. I saw all kinds of machines and settled on a pre-owned Bernina Artista 180 – I wanted a basic machine that was versatile – my focus then was quilting. I was offered free guide classes, but declined at the time – how difficult could this machine be, to use? Long story short, the Bernina sat under my sewing table for 3 years (I wasn’t sewing much then), since I was basically terrified of it…I dropped in at the fabric store on a Saturday, and Penny was giving a guide class for new Bernina owners…I was invited to sit in and learned SO much! I went home, put my machine in its rightful place on my sewing table and have never looked back…I’ve upgraded my Bernina a couple of times, to the 430 and now the 710…I do own an embroidery machine, but am fascinated with the beautiful work done with the new Bernina machines.

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