I purchased my first Bernina an 830 in 1978.  My mother had always sewn on a Singer and I actually had her last Singer machine which I was using at the time.  Mother bought a Bernina and loved it.  Soon after I went by our Bernina dealer, Derrels of Pensacola and put a machine on layaway.  It took a year of paying on it to finally get to bring it home.  Derrels offered classes to learn how to use the machine however I never got to take advantage of those.  My husbands job moved and I taught myself the basics since I had been sewing since I was only 6 years old.  I still have the 830 and it has traveled more than some people I know over the years.  I have used it in, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Guam and now in Alabama.  I am getting ready to take my machine in to be serviced and will be checking out all the newer models.  I am teaching myself to quilt and may need an upgrade or simply another machine.  I was just starting my family which ended up being two girls when I got my first Bernina and now I am a grandma and retired.  With two granddaughters and two grandsons as well as an unknown on the way I am looking forward to many hours of sewing and learning over the remaining years of my life.

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  • Sewing machine and cabinet are the same as my first Bernina. Sewed with it for probably 40 years. Loved it. Moved my household to a new city and having no less than 4 sewing machines decided to donate the vintage 830 to a shop in town that help high school kids learn to sew. About a year after that, I purchased a B790. Game changer. Love it. Finding every excuse in the world to sew.

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