Best Decision Ever!


  As a child my Mom made most of our clothes, so sewing was a skill she instilled deep within my sister and myself.  I started sewing as a seven year old child by hand stitching my Barbie doll clothes. Once I mastered that skill my Mom showed me how to use her sewing machine but I could only use it when she was around.  Eventually my Mom bought a used school model sewing machine for my sister and I to use, I think she was getting tired of us messing up the tension on her sewing machine. In middle school I took a half year sewing class and I also did the 4-H sewing project from about age 12 all the way through high school.  I made my high school graduation dress out of a beautiful blue dotted swiss fabric that was very fashionable for the late 70’s.  Fast forward a few years to my wedding and between Mom, my sister and myself we made all the bridesmaid dresses as well as my suitcase full of clothes that I took on my honeymoon.  As a young bride I bought my first machine, a used Singer. That machine served me well for a little while but it wasn’t long and I outgrew that machine.  Because I was now doing some sewing for weddings I needed I better machine.  I went to my local sewing machine dealer and told John that I needed a machine that would hem my husband’s jeans then turn around and sew the edge of a wedding veil.  John looked at me and said, “I have just the machine you are looking for.”  He sat down and I tried out the Bernina 1030, immediately I knew that John was right.  I know that this is an older machine but I love this workhorse!  It was the best purchase that I ever made!  I love the quality of the Bernina.  My machine has done a lot of work over these past 30 years from mending, to new wardrobes, to brides & bridesmaids, to alterations, to quiltmaking, to Christmas, birthday, wedding and baby gifts.  This machine has seen it all and has never given me a bit of trouble.  I also have a Bernette 335 Serger and a Bernette Chicago 7 but my favorite will always be my first, the Bernina 1030.  I will never trade in this machine, in fact both of my daughters have said they want it when I’m no longer able to sew! And why not, after all it is the machine that I taught them to sew on! For sure purchasing my Bernina 1030 was one of my best decisions ever!!

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    • Hi CatJane. The pattern is Winter Wonderland a table runner pattern by Judy Neimeyer Quilting. This a a paper pieced project. Look for it at or your local quilt shop.

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