Crazy 1


My first quilt was a crazy quilt stack-and-wack project.  It’s 72” X 90” and I called it “A Crazy Start”.  I don’t have a photo of it, so will add that later if possible.  A friend (master quilter) helped me choose the pattern and fabrics (from her wildly impressive stash) and taught me how to “make a quilt” from start to finish over the next 10-12 weeks during 5-6 work sessions. Well, she guided me through the process on the first one and I am totally hooked. Shortly after starting she took me to a wonderful quilt shop and I picked out a gently used Bernina 435 Anniversay Edition machine and discovered the JOY of using a Bernina for piecing and quilting.  The new machine improved my accuracy in piecing tremendously especially when using presser foot #37 or the walking foot.  I used it to free motion quilt that first quilt and all works I’ve done since!  The machine is capable of doing 9mm stitch widths and I’ve incorporated those into my quilts.  What fun!  I’ve used the 435 for numerous sewing and craft projects and more than 25 quilts and it’s still going strong.  Someday I’ll upgrade, only I still love my 435!  Oh, and to my friend I have to say “Thank you, Judy.”

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