Grapes of Wrap Anniversary Quilt


I just received my Bernina flyer and learned about the Jubilee Anniversary quilt. My local Bernina dealer wasn’t carrying the kit and I don’t like gold (or red for that matter). But purple. I love purple and my daughter loves it too. So this will be her Christmas 2019 present – I don’t have a 2018 present yet but very proactive for next year). She keeps her house chilly and needs a pretty quilt to wrap around herself. So the quilt’s name is the Grapes of Wrap. I love plays on words. So I made the 13 blocks and am going to get my Bernina to start embroidering the the cornerstones. Seeing that I’m 2.5 months behind, I’m on a mission to catch up. Like another quilter posted, I was in a rut and this is just what I needed to snap out fo that. Thanks Amanda!

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