Hand sewing never felt better


So I went into an outlet store and saw this gorgeous sky blue dress. I get really excited because I have finally found me an off shoulder dress and it looks like it is going to fit, so obviously I don’t bother trying it on. When I get home, I realize this isn’t an off shoulder dress, it’s a strappy dress for ten year olds and I’m thinking to myself, how did I buy an outfit and not check the sizing? Now I had to think of a way to make this unsolicited mistake into what I really wanted. This is where it gets interesting.

So I pull out my pack of tailoring pins, a scissors, tailors chalk, tape rule and most importantly a black thread and a large size needle.

First thing I did was cut off the strappy sleeves of the dress after which I took an appropriate measurement of my arm and added an extra four inches with one extra inch as seam allowance. The extra four inches were added because the arms needed to be baggy for the finished bit to look right.

After the measurement was taken, I used my chalk to draw from top to bottom and confirmed that all sides were equal and then I used the pins to hold the front and back of the dress together on the line drawn with the chalk. Then I cut. Guys, the pinning part is not very necessary if you can hold both sides together and cut a good straight line.

The dress was turned inside out after cutting and hand sewn. Yes guys, hand sewn like you don’t need to own a sewing machine to transform your piece into your heart’s desire. So I used back stitches to sew all the ends together and I achieved the off-shoulder dress.

Remember, if you have been looking to buy this really gorgy off shoulder top or dress but it is a tad bit too expensive, look no more. Transform that old flared skirt or that old flared dress with an elastic band into what you want. Thank me later.

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