I Loved this machine!


My first Bernina I had been sewing on and off most of my life using an older alternate brand sewing machine my mom gave me. I started quilting like many of us did when I wanted to make a baby quilt for my first born. The quilting bug bit me hard after that first quilt and I would try to squeeze in quilting every spare moment, which with a newborn is far and few between. Fast forward 5 years and I now had two small children, but still loved quilting. As our budget was stretched, even though my mom’s old machine still sewed, it was giving me fits to do any kind of machine quilting. And there was no way I could afford to quilt by check, so after a few evenings of hearing me want to throw the machine out the window, my dear husband kindly suggested I look for an affordably priced new machine. NEW MACHINE?? Did I hear right? I knew right away the one I wanted: a Bernina 1090…it had all the bells and whistles this girl could use, and I KNEW it would treat me right. And I was in love, for the 4th time (OK, you had to put my husband and kids ahead of the Bernina I’m afraid!!). I loved that machine. It saved my marriage. It saved my sanity! I could now quilt without having to worry about tension issues, or threads breaking because it sewed with the precision of a quality machine. I was a true convert and have upgraded to 2 other Berninas since then! I will never sew on another machine (Ok unless I have to in a class or something like that!). I spoke so highly of that machine that my mom decided to buy a 1090 and hers still runs like a champion machine to this day. How do I know? I still use it whenever I visit!

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  • I still have that 1090 and it is my most used machine. It is a work horse and not at all temperamental. I think I have had it for a minor repair once, and every year faithfully I get it serviced and tuned up and it sews beautifully for me. I have two other newer Berninas, but that 1090 is still my favorite for everyday use.

  • I bought my 1090 in 1992 from Harriet Hargrave, after trying to machine quilting on a 1980 Singer. It was a huge investment at that time, but she’s been my mainstay ever since. I now live in a place where we generate our own electricity, and tho I’d love a real computerized machine, I happy as can be with my never fail, trusty gal!

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