Quilting Partner


My sewing consisted of mending and Halloween costumes when the kids were young. I had a kenmore that I bought used for about $50 in 1989. About 9 years ago we moved to a small community in Wyoming. In the winter. There was nothing to do. My husband had heard that the quilt shop in town was really good and kept suggesting that I check it out. After about two months I finally did and I have never been the same. The quilts in the shop were stunning. I didn’t know quilts could be so beautiful, and the fabric was high quality and gorgeous. I started quilting. My husband, being the amazing man that he is, suggested that we buy a new sewing machine. So we drove two hours down to Utah and went to a shop. I really didn’t know much about sewing machines but the sales lady was really helpful. My husband was sold on the Bernina, I was a little hesitant due to the cost, after all it was just a hobby and I was a stay at home Mom. He bought it anyway. At least once a year I tell him how glad I am that he didn’t listen to me, I love my Bernina. It never disappoints. The kids are out on their own and I’m working full time and now I’ve discovered the joy of specialty presser feet! I’ve bought a walking foot and a ruffler. The ruler foot will be the next purchase. I still have the old kenmore in a box, but it will never be put to use. My projects are less frustrating and look better with my Bernina. Quality, and the best quilting partner you could ask for.

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