Kryn Marie’s life with Bernina ?


I’ve been sewing, crafts and creating since I was about 10 years old.  Started with a Kenmore sewing machine with cams, I was fortunate to purchase my first Bernina in 2000 a 180E. Purchased a Bernina 2000dce serger along the way.  My now loving husband new how much I wanted to upgrade, not having the best of luck with my local dealers I purchased a Bernina 780, after a month and not liking the dealer I purchased from I returned the 780, very disappointed.  My favorite dealer and long time friend was closing her shop and retiring from being a Bernina dealer?.  Before she closed I was able to purchase the amazing Bernina 880 floor model, I absolutely love this machine.  I have kept the 180e o take to classes and such.  Over the years I also purchased the Bernina software started with version 4, then version 6 and just upgraded to version on this last Monday.

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