Moving up to a Bernina‼️


I’ve been sewing most of my life after starting with hand made doll clothes made from scraps my Mom gave me when she was sewing.  Years later when she upgraded to a fancier machine, she let me use her 1950’s model Singer 301. Move forward again past college, marriage and a medical career and I went to a three day sewing school in Augusta, GA. with my Mom, Aunt, cousin and sister in law. I fell in love with the computerized machines used at that time for sewing and embroidery.  My sister in law and I came home in 1998 with a Singer XL1000 that was used in the workshop.  We were thrilled with the new technology. I continued to sew and now do beautiful embroidery on just about anything. Unfortunately Singer didn’t continue to support the embroidery software technology with the rapidly changing computer world. So back at the three day sewing school some 17 years later and I fell in love again, this time with the Bernina 580, my first Bernina which I still use today. It has handled everything I’ve attempted to make and done a great job.  I’ve recently started quilting and continue to be happy with my purchase.

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