My Favorite Place to Sew – What a View


We recently moved to a classic New Mexico southwest home.  The 360-degree views inspire me to sew, provide gorgeous color combinations, and great light for several hours a day. I can look out the windows an see the beauty of the desert, wild animals, and visual textures that provide creative ideas for textiles, projects, and art.  I refinished the three-piece furniture armoire you see in the background.  I use the cabinet to store supplies and display inspirational pieces.

The only thing missing in my creative space is a Bernina sewing machine.  I teach sewing classes at the local university and the students use amazing Bernina sewing machines in the Apparel Design Lab.  Their satisfaction has really triggered my desire for a Bernina.  I use an old sewing machine that I’ve had for years.  I am grateful the students have access to the best brand in the industry.  I would really like to own one myself someday.

After a long, busy career, I am enjoying semi-retirement and stepping back into the joys of sewing.  I have taken classes at our local Bernina Store, Las Cruces Bernina Sewing and Design.  The owners, Marsha and Izzy Cowen are terrific. Marsha has joined me at the university to teach the students machine mastery.

Thank you for an opportunity to join your contest.  There is always a chance!

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  • Do you get distracted with all of those amazing views? A very nice space! I came from a similar situation, I originally had a different brand of sewing machine, however my first class at my LQS had Bernina’s you could use. I was hooked right then and there!

    Happy Quilting!

    • Haha. Yes sir, the distractions can be a challenge. I enjoy the colorful sunsets and have used many of the color combinations in home decor project.

      I have sewn garments, gift projects, and home decor. I am just beginning to quilt. I am quilting a queen-size on a domestic machine. Whew, it is a process.

      I call my old machine “Wilma” (like Wilma Flinstone because it reminds me of the scene when the Flinstone and the Rubbles jump in their car and use their feet to power it up.) My ol’ Wilma takes a bit of a “run” to get going. Lol

      Do you sew on a Bernina?

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